Neighbor Gets Shot Because His Dog Pooped In A Man’s Yard

By: Laura Meyers

You know that one neighbor that always gets their mail in a dangerously short bath robe? And that other neighbor that you avoid because he’s a talker and if you say hi, you’re stuck for hours? And those other pesky neighbors that shoot you if your dog takes a dump in their yard? Oh, wait.

A Florida man spent Father’s Day in the hospital after being shot over some dog poop.

Jose Rey was walking his dog home Saturday night when the pup started to drop a load in neighbor’s yard, and the neighbor, Omar Rodriguez, was not having any of that shit.

Neighbors told police that the two men began arguing loudly and Rodriguez told police that Rey threatened to return and fight him.

Moments after the men had retreated, Rodriguez told police that he spotted what appeared to be a shiny object in Rey’s hand. So he went to his car and retrieved a gun from his glove compartment.

He then pointed the gun at Rey, and shot him in the stomach and spinal cord.

The police report says Rodriguez also threatened to shoot Rey’s wife, Lissy, when she ran over to help her husband.

Neighbor’s aren’t surprised to see this kind of violence from Rodriguez, however.

“He did not like anyone walking on his sidewalk. He considered it his; and if you went by, you were able to become a victim of his aggressiveness,” one neighbor told reporters.

Rey, a father of two, remains in critical condition and has already undergone two surgeries.

Rodriguez was arrested and faces charges of second-degree attempted murder and aggravated assault.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the Rey family with medical expenses.

Until then, I say we march to Rodriguez’s house armed with our pups and have every single one of them take a crap in his yard.

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