Michelle Obama Told the President She Might Want a Gun

One of the lesser reported moments from the president’s Town Hall event on Guns in America hosted by CNN, was the moment where the president confessed that the first lady had said she might want to own a gun.

“At one point, Michelle turned to me and she said, ‘You know, if I was living in a farmhouse– where the sheriff’s department is pretty far away and somebody can just turn off the highway and come onto the farm, I want to have a shotgun or a rifle to make sure I was protected and my family was protected.’ And she was absolutely right,” said President Obama.

The president’s attempt to empathize with gun owners feels too hollow after 7 years of antagonism and contempt. The statement, whether true or not, reveals the president’s logic to be faulty.

If it’s okay for people in farmhouses to own guns because law enforcement may not get there in time to help, why is not okay to own a gun anywhere for the same reason? Law enforcement responds only after something has happened. No one should have to wait in danger without means to defend themselves and wait for help to arrive, no matter if they live in a rural area or the heart of a city.

After all, the president and his family have a cadre of guns surrounding them wherever they go, whether it be in the middle of Washington, D.C. or in the corn fields of Iowa, the president has guns all around him. He doesn’t disarm his security when he goes to urban areas because local police are there to respond.

The president and his family think it’s reasonable to own some kinds of guns in some areas. But they have people carrying everywhere they go. Remember, when it comes to their safety, the Obamas love guns. They just don’t trust you with yours.


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