Should men be exempt from paying child support? (PODCAST)

27ed0ef36837ad77ef6b765c9987990cThe Freedom Report takes on the tough question of asking if men have no reproductive rights then why should they have any reproductive responsibilities?

An article featured on the website Thoughts On Liberty tackled the difficult issue of a man in Kansas who gave his girlfriend a drug that caused her to miscarry her child. The man was charged with first-degree murder, but if you’re pro-choice, wasn’t he really just taking the initiative and giving his girlfriend an unwanted abortion. It’s not really murder then is it? Different story if you’re pro life.

As for child support, the state of Virginia is pushing a bill that amounts to nothing more than extortion. Divorce lawyers have an incentive to put men in positions where they can’t pay, and encourage families to split up. Is the government causing the problem that it’s claiming to try to solve?

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