McAfee Rules Out McAfee-Johnson Ticket

John McAfee recently wrote on his Facebook page that he would not be interested in nor would he consider a McAfee-Johnson ticket. The post was in response to those on social media who have been calling for the two Libertarian candidates to unite.

“I am being urged by people to negotiate a McAfee/Johnson ticket. While I respect Gary very much, and he has done much for the party, it is clear from the mass of Americans that political experience, at least in this election, is not what the people want,” McAfee wrote. “Trump should be proof of that. I intend to win the general election and must walk a very narrow path.I think Gary would be perfect in 2020. A McAfee/Johnson ticket is just not in the cards.”

McAfee FB

In the comments section he added that Johnson would make a “fantastic National Libertarian Party Chair.”

McAfee says he intends to win the general election, but also said, if elected, he wouldn’t run for a second term because he’s seventy years old.

However, his best line came when someone asked about having Trump as a running mate.

“Only for the entertainment value,” McAfee responded.

McAfee has already named libertarian photographer and socialite Judd Weiss as his running mate.


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