Man Scammed Out of $700K By Psychic To Gain Love of Dead Girl

By: Laura Meyers

A New York man is suing a psychic, Priscilla Delamro for larceny, because he says she scammed him out of more than $700,000 when he hired her to help spark a romantic relationship with a dead girl.

The New York Times reports:

In summer 2013, the man was melancholy. He had a good job in marketing, with an office in New York, some support staff and a growing list of connections. But he had met a woman in Arizona named Michelle. He was in love. She was not. “The girl didn’t want to be with me, and the girl had categorically made that clear,” he wrote in the statement.

On Aug. 24, 2013, he walked across the Williamsburg Bridge and wound up in front of 253 West 43rd Street. The neon sign in the window read “Psychic.”

Ms. Delmaro greeted him and assured him that he and Michelle were “twin flames,” but that negativity was keeping them apart. “Spirits talk to me,” she said, according to the man’s statement, but there was a price. He paid her $2,500 and, after a second visit, $9,000 more.

A month later, in September, Ms. Delmaro told him she needed diamonds to protect his energy. He paid $40,064 for a ring from Tiffany’s and gave it to Ms. Delmaro, who promised he would use it as an engagement ring someday, the man said.

Michelle lived in Los Angeles. Go to her, Ms. Delmaro said.

He went. He texted Michelle. I’m on a boat, she replied, but let’s meet tomorrow.

“I was ecstatic,” he wrote. They met and talked and made plans for that night. But she backed out.

“She felt I had been acting strange,” he wrote.

Ms. Delmaro told him the trouble had come from a spirit that was stalking him. She needed $28,000, then $28,000 more. Michelle had grown cold so suddenly, he thought, that the spirit explanation sounded right, and so he paid.

When that didn’t work, Ms. Delmaro said she needed a time machine to go back and cleanse his past. When the man balked, she said a suitable watch would do the job, and gave him a list of choices. He said he selected one of the cheaper ones: a rose gold Rolex for $30,000.

In December, Ms. Delmaro said that they had to lure the spirit over a bridge of gold in the other realm, so that it would become trapped. She said $80,000 would buy an 80-mile bridge.


The spirit was crossing the bridge, “albeit very slowly,” the man wrote. Then Ms. Delmaro said they needed a second bridge, for Michelle’s spirit, and it needed to be 10 miles longer than the first one.

“I thought to myself, ‘I have the money just sitting in the bank,’ ” the man wrote, paying out $90,000.

Then he made a devastating discovery. On Feb. 17, 2014, he pulled up Michelle’s Facebook page and read the most recent post.

Michelle was dead. She had been for nine days.

But our dear friends didn’t stop there.

After the discovery of Michelle’s death (which authorities say was a possible overdose), Delmaro said “I told you she had evil spirits, she said. They killed her,” and told the man that she could reincarnate Michelle into an already-existing 31-year-old woman’s body.

She told him the new Michelle was in Los Angeles, so he went to find her.

He met a woman in California that Ms. Delmaro later said was the new Michelle. But the woman was 24, not 31, and Michelle’s spirit did not seem to be inside her.

He had lost his apartment. He sold his car. He had been borrowing from friends, relatives, and colleagues- until he finally had enough.

He sought out Bob Nygaard, a private investigator, and they went to the police in May. Bank statements were given to detectives; the man was out $713,975.

Delmaro and her sidekick, Bobby Evans, 27, were arrested on May 26 in a steakhouse. They were charged with grand larceny and remain in jail.

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