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By Publius

It has been a fantastic week for public relations nightmares. First, Pepsi tried (and failed) to use social activism to sell a second-rate cola. Then, United Airlines violently removed a passenger from an aircraft to accommodate a non-paying United employee. Next, Sean Spicer did what he did best: shove his foot in his mouth. The White House Press Secretary accidentally omitted the existence of the Holocaust while comparing Assad to Hitler.

Just when we, at The Libertarian Republic, thought this week couldn’t hold more boneheaded public relations moves, we were wrong.

Enter: The Libertarian Party’s social media team.

How The LP Shot Itself in the Foot…Again

As many of you are aware, we are in the midst of Holy Week. This week, Christians celebrate the time immediately before the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It began last Sunday (known as Palm Sunday) and ends on Easter. So, what do the wise sages at the LP social media team decide to do?

Why, they choose to quote the Church of Satan, of course!

Now, the Libertarian Party’s social media team has never been accused of being smart. They are well known for reposting content from Free Thought Project and countless Anarcho-Capitalist memes. Once, they even were so foolish as to post an image declaring “No Bushes, Clintons, or Pauls“. It does not take a PR guru to tell you to not attack Ron Paul or Rand Paul, who are some of the most influential modern libertarians.

The post in question was eventually deleted from the Party’s Facebook page, but unfortunately it was already too late.

It goes without saying that libertarians are a fairly thick-skinned bunch. We have to be. Quoting the Satanic Temple on Maundy Thursday, however, is a bridge too far for many. They accept a party that is apathetic to religion. However, they do not support a party that openly mocks their faith.

If the LP is serious about becoming an actual force in politics, it can start with firing whoever runs their Facebook page. They’re doing more harm than good.

Happy Easter, Everyone!

EDITOR’s NOTE: The views expressed are those of the author, they are not representative of The Libertarian Republic or its sponsors.


  • The Broker

    Except they didn’t quote the “Church of Satan”. If the author bothered to read the quote, it’s plain to see that it’s attributed to The Satanic Temple, and there is nothing offensive about it to any rational person, nor are they mocking anybody’s faith. It’s hard to take criticisms against a social media team seriously from a journalist who can’t properly attribute a quote.

    • Charlotte McFarland

      it’s hard to take anything seriously from a radical fringe group that likes to gate-crash psych conferences with inappropriate cameras and wave signs at people with D.I.D. saying, “D.I.D. = Doctors Inventing Demons.” what drugs are you people on?

      • TamLin

        I too have trouble taking radical fringe groups seriously, but I’m here reading about the Libertarian Party anyway. I’m generous with my attention like that.

      • Aaron Seaman

        A favorite tool of poor debaters — lack of context. Your understanding of the entire context of what you write about is fundamentally flawed. Either that or you have chosen not to include the extent of it because you wanted to cherry pick facts for your reply?

        I would argue that:

        1. I am drug free. I am a vegan. I am a college grad (working on my third degree), as well as a veteran. So, no, I am not on drugs.

        2. The context for what you’re talking about is that these “psych conferences” are conferences where doctors attempt to create the fear and trauma of “satanic ritual abuse.” This isn’t fringe lunatics crashing legitimate psychological conferences, these are very specific, targeted protests to very obviously made up science that attempts to paint a minority religious group as something they most certainly are not.

        • Charlotte McFarland

          this is indeed fringe lunatics crashing legitimate psychological conferences, as these are very specific, targeted protests against any therapist whose website offends TST’s “deeply-held beliefs”, which include the existence of “false memory syndrome”, a debunked “diagnosis” that has no scientific validation. it is pedophile-speak for, “no one will ever believe you, you’re crazy” – AKA gaslighting. Doug Mesner AKA “the Broker” likes to “infiltrate” cult survivors’ meetings and conferences, take illegal recordings of non-consenting individuals, then cherry-pick whatever he can out of context in order to blackmail them into silence. this groundless pointing and laughing has achieved no results so far, and that will continue.

          there are sadistic, lying perverts in every religion, you know – even minority ones.

          • The Broker

            I’m “Doug”? Interesting! “Cult conference”? Isn’t that pedophile-speak for “I like to get together with deranged tin foil hat wearing lunatics and exchange fantasies about Satanic sex abuse”? You don’t seem to have any idea what the topic of this particular discussion is, but then again, you’re clearly stupid.

          • Charlotte McFarland

            yawn. you’re the only one who thinks that this is erotic fantasy, Doug. are you jerking off to the thought of cult survivors in recovery? because that’s quite the radical fetish, there. nobody wants TST’s cameras in their faces, Paparazzi scum. enjoy getting chased off of even the most libertarian websites.

          • Francis Bacon

            These supposed “repressed memories” are nonsense and have done tremendous harm to many people. There is no Illuminati/satanic conspiracy looking to molest people’s children. It’s nonsense and should be treated as such.

          • Charlotte McFarland

            tell it to Wendy Hoffman, poser.

          • Francis Bacon

            Get me in contact with her and I’ll do so. Also, “poser”? Are you a soccer mom?

          • The Broker

            Not that anybody knows or cares what you’re crying about, but you know you can’t really “blackmail” anybody with cherry-picked quotes that are taken out of context. If blackmail is occurring, there must be something more to it, though I’m not interested in hearing from you about whatever that is. Try reading the article and following the actual discussion here.

  • IceTrey

    I like the Editor’s note. “We had nothing to do with this!”

  • LED Flashing

    So the author thinks that even though pluralist religious liberty and personal sovereignty are libertarian ideals actually living up to the party’s stated positions is bad marketing so the party should compromise its ideals for the sake of popularity? I don’t see a problem with LP posting this and being inclusive of minority positions.

  • Salahuddin Ibn Yaqub

    “The Church of Satan”.
    Honestly, could you be any more incompetent?

  • Francis Bacon

    As LED Flashing noted, this is from The Satanic Temple and not the Church of Satan. These are two different organizations. Secondly, if you consider only certain religions acceptable/quotable (and shouldn’t the idea and not its origin be more important?) you had better stop pretending to be for personal liberty.

  • TamLin

    Wow, so many problems to unpack.

    Oh, not with the Libertarian Party’s Facebook team, but with “Publius” here (cute pen name, by the way, not pompous at all). First, the obvious factual error, as already pointed out: The Facebook image cites the Satanic Temple, not the Church of Satan.

    I guess it’s too much to hope that the writer would know the difference off the top of his head, or for that matter commit about ten minutes of research via Google. But he could have at least read the JPEG he claims to be so upset about, since the Libertarian Facebook team actually did bother to get it right and put the proper citation right there.

    (Although “Publius” does refer to the Temple by name later, so maybe this was just a case of sloppy editing? No editing at all? It’s hard to tell.)

    Beyond that, the one big thing missing in this opinion piece is any opinion at all on why the image was deemed inappropriate. Yes, yes, “It’s Holy Week!” but so what? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Libertarian Party isn’t a Christian organization. Nor would its content be restricted to only Publius-approved religious messages around the holidays even if it was.

    Mind you, the Satanic Temple even specifies that it’s not an anti-Christian organization, possibly the only Satanic religion in the world to say so. But even if that weren’t the case, so what? “Publius” fails to mount even one objection to the Temple, their beliefs, or the principle quote in the image. He doesn’t say anything, in fact, except that “It’s Holy Week” and he’s offended.

    Man, and I thought Libertarians were supposed to be against “thought policing.” Quite a piece of work.

    • Salahuddin Ibn Yaqub

      Funny how it all works…

      Libertarians: “I’m offended by a Satanist group being quoted during Christian holy days!”

      Also libertarians: *posts pictures of burning Qur’ans and Muhammad and calls him a pedophile during Ramadan*
      “Freedom of speech!”

      Pick one, but worry about it next year because you lost your “Free Speech card” this year over this nonsense. I feel ashamed and embarrassed for you.

  • Curtis Endicott

    “It goes without saying that libertarians are a fairly thick-skinned bunch.”

    That is the funniest thing I have read all week.

  • Ragnar Santorum

    delet this

  • Xen

    Let my summarize this: You chose to be offended because the Social Media Team quoted another religion on a Christian holiday.

    Now, how does the religious quote police work exactly? Like, what if Ramadan overlaps with Hanukkah and Christmas? No religious quotes allowed at all because someone will inevitably chose to be offended?

  • Kevin S

    Why does the Libertarian Party owe Christians special treatment? Liberty belongs to all. Also, the article is critical of the meme because a perceived disrespect to Christians only because the meme quoted a tenet of a Satanic organization. It spoke nothing of the legitimacy of message stated. In doing so, the author blatantly took sides in a religious matter. Not very consistent with Libertarian philosophy.

    Politicians already kowtow to the religious right. Libertarians should stay out of that political practice.

  • Josh Sands

    The Satanic Temple is not the Church of Satan, slugger.

    Cursory research instead “rabble rabble Easter holiday” would have shown you that the Satanic Temple is a secular organization that has advocated for self-determination more than “Publius” here.

  • Sojourner

    Most of the posts here make the point of the article. You strain at a gnat to distinguish between the Church of Satan and the Satanic Temple. To defend the post is to be tone deaf and to expose your animus toward Christians. Own it, learn from it, and move on.

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