Los Angeles ‘a Socialist State,’ Tim Allen Jokes (VIDEO)

Is Tim Allen not a progressive?

Actor Tim Allen has a record of expressing views that are mildly out of step with his Hollywood colleagues. Allen has said that he gives money to his family to avoid giving it to the government in taxes, suggesting “you’d better give your money away before it gets taken.”

On Friday, Allen took to Twitter to ask “How does taxing high income people help the middle class succeed[?]”

Earlier last week, Allen joked that tourists should not be deterred by the lack of hotels in Los Angeles. “You can sleep anywhere in Los Angeles because we’re kind of a socialist state,” said Allen. “If you sleep on the street out here, and you stay long enough, they start giving you free stuff.”

“You’ll get a cell phone, Birkenstocks, cargo shorts, and if you stay long enough, you get a free Tesla.”

Allen recently made news when he tweeted something that would make most left-wingers cringe:

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