Email Leak: Hillary Camp says they should “Never Talk About” Bill Clinton

Leaked Emails: Hillary Campaign Jokes About Bill as Liability

By Dallas Brooks

In the latest release of Wikileaks emails today it was proven that the Hillary Clinton campaign team sees former President Bill Clinton as a major liability. In the communication from March 2015 between Robby Mook, Hillary’s campaign manager, Tina Flournoy, Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff, and John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff, it was stated that the campaign should “never really talk about WJC,” as they use the former president’s initials to discuss him among themselves.


Clinton staffers were responding to a March 2015 New York Times article under the tagline “Will Bill Get a Minder?”  What’s more is that it appears that the article caught the attention of Politico’s co-founder John Harris, who jokingly sent a note to Jennifer Palmieri, Mrs. Clinton’s Director of Communications made famous for her admonishment of Catholicism. In his note, the subject line reads “You should hire me for this,” to which Ms. Palmieri added in her forward to John Podesta that “Harris is volunteering.” [emphasis added]

Obviously the chummy emails between Politico and those in the inner sanctum of the Hillary Clinton campaign are in jest, but it speaks to a very close relationship between the news organization and the Democratic Party’s candidate. This isn’t new. Emails sent from official State Department accounts show a cozy relationship with Politico, like this March 2015 email from asking John Podesta to give a quote to one of Politico’s reporters.

The bottom line is that although Hillary talks about her husband’s achievements during his time in office, Team Hillary and her media gatekeepers are clearly very worried about how the former President’s personal life will hurt her chances. Brent Budowsky, a Huffington Post writer and former staffer to Senator Bentsen of Texas, stated that Bill Clinton’s “sex life could be damaging to her.” Even though they joke about it privately, Hillary knows this is no laughing matter.

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