Lady Vegan Says: Men Should Be Sterilized Unless They Get A Procreation License

An Australian vegan activist has a solution to avoid the overpopulation problem: force men to get a license to procreate or be sterilized.

Freelee the Banana Girl, as she calls herself, is a vegan activist who advocates that 97% of your calories a day come from fruit. That’s funny, because listening to her, she seems 100% nuts. She comes from a self admitted “eating disorder background,” and her 30 bananas a day diet isn’t backed by any licensed dietitians or nutritionists. Still, she’s somehow qualified herself to speak on public health and eugenics.

The video below shows Freelee arguing for a mandatory eugenics policy, for men of course. Why? It’s easier to snip men than women. And if people want to breed, they should have to get a license.

There’s crazy. And then there’s bananas.



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