Kim Jong Un Lookalike Riles Up North Korean Cheerleaders At The Olympics

Kim Jong Un Lookalike Riles Up North Korean Cheerleaders At The Olympics

Ryan Pickrell

A man resembling North Korea’s supreme leader caused quite a stir by dancing in front of North Korean cheerleaders on Wednesday at the Winter Olympics.

The North Korean cheerleaders, handpicked for their good looks and loyalty to the regime, were far from thrilled by the presence of the faux Kim Jong Un in their section. Confusion quickly gave way to outrage as the man, who later identified himself as Howard, strolled past the North Korea’s cheerleaders during a hockey match in Gangneung, South Korea.

these photos of a kim jong un impersonator walking in front of the north korean cheerleaders are amazing

— Joon Lee (@iamjoonlee) February 14, 2018

The Kim Jong Un lookalike was shooed away by security officials, and then he was ultimately ejected from the arena.

At the united Korea vs Japan womens’ hockey game, an apparent Kim Jong-un impersonator starts dancing in front of North Korean cheerleaders. Apparent employees of the DPRK push him aside. He’s now sitting nearby giving interviews (in English)

— Vincent Bevins (@Vinncent) February 14, 2018

The man was accused of making political statements by impersonating the North Korean dictator, but he insisted that he simply looked like Kim. “I just showed up with my flag and my face … If you do not like my face there’s nothing you can do about it, I was born this way,” he told reporters.

Howard is the second Kim Jong Un lookalike/impersonator to be thrown out of the Winter Olympics in South Korea, where the South Korean government is trying to use the Games to facilitate inter-Korean peace.


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