Jon Stewart is more trustworthy than MSNBC according to new study

When I’m feeling masochistic and curious about what the leftists are up to, I like to put on MSNBC for as long I can tolerate it. I’ve never been able to stand more than a minute or two of their race baiting, divisive, and poorly researched news reporting. A new study conducted by the Brookings Institution reveals that barely any Americans trust MSNBC at all, finding parody news more reliable.

Fox News was found to be the most trustworthy news source while only 5 percent of those surveyed said that MSNBC “provides accurate information about politics and current events.” The public’s perception of the news channel is likely influenced by the network’s multiple (and hilarious) scandals. Martin Bashir‘s statement that someone should s*** in Sarah Palin’s mouth led to his show’s cancellation, while an MSNBC intern tweeted that right wingers would hate a commercial featuring a biracial family. The response to the latter was overwhelming, with biracial couples tweeting photos of themselves to MSNBC with the hashtag “#MyRightWingBiracialFamily”.

8 percent of those surveyed believe The Daily Show contains honest reporting, even though host Jon Stewart leans heavily to the left himself. I’ve had more than my fair share of disagreements with Jon Stewart, but I’m often disarmed by his humor and tend to give the comedian the benefit of the doubt. At least until he says something about the minimum wage or climate change or Abraham Lincoln. Then it’s back on.


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