I Won’t Let Transgender Fascism Tread On Me

By R. Brownell

Last week I discussed the problem of parents enabling their kid’s identity crisis, in regards to “gender confusion.” From there, TLR contributor Micah J. Fleck threw his counterpoint two-cents worth, and then shots were fired from Canada by Casey Bennett. Bottom line, it’s been a rough month…

The Trans agenda in America is getting ridiculous. Pseudo science and hurt feelings are dividing America between the tolerant, open minded progressives and the Bible clinging conservative Christians. I got a lot of smack from people because apparently, if I’m not cool with people telling their son’s they can be a girl, I must be saying that Bruce Jenner (his name is Bruce) is damned to Hell or something.

Is there not room for tolerant, Christian libertarians who just state the absolute truths of reality? You can crawl on all fours and tell me you’re a dog and I’ll just hope you got your rabies shots, but the moment you get naked and take a crap on the floor in front of my kids, I’d be straight up irresponsible to try and bend the laws of nature around your messed up head. I may not be a genius or an expert of the matter of all subjects in the news, but I know I am right on this point of warping reality to fit the modern, politically correct narrative.

Bennett pointed out in her article a statement from the American College of Pediatricians:

 “We vigorously object to the normalization of childhood gender identity disorder (GID) promoted by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) […] The recommendations of the authors to reinforce the delusions of gender identity–confused children, and to prescribe puberty-blocking hormones as though puberty were a disorder, are outrageous. This approach violates the oath physicians take to ‘do no harm’“.

Recently, a kid in Nevada decided to screw around with everyone at his middle school by demanding she be allowed to use the boy’s restroom at her school:

Catherine Borg is a mother of a Spring Creek Middle School student suffering from autism. She said when her son found out about the possibility of a transgendered boy using the same restroom he does, he stopped going to the bathroom altogether.

“My son has a disability, and he gets no special treatment,” she said. “I teach love and acceptance to him because he’s different, but it’s not all about one child. It is about what is best for all the kids.”

The modern progressive death cult isn’t concerned about disabled “cisgenders.” They don’t consider special needs people because, in their world, they’re a waste of resources and should be murdered in the womb– just take a look at Planned Parenthood. By dividing America, the left has claimed minorities, gays, atheists, and whatever alphabet soup acronym social group, in order to call the other side hateful and evil; all in order to gain guilt votes and sympathy money. The story continues:

The American Civil Liberties Union has formally notified the Elko County School District they must reverse a unanimous school board ruling denying bathroom and locker room access to a transgender student or face legal proceedings.

Tuesday’s letter cites at least five violations of state and federal law, including the newly-adopted Nevada Anti-Bullying Bill approved by lawmakers this session that conservatives describe as a “rush job.”

Really? Bullying? If the girl was getting physically abused, that would be bullying. If the girl was being consistently verbally harassed for having a gender identity complex, that would be bullying. But this make-believe enforced through fascist means defies logic and is ridiculous. To the school district supervisors holding their ground, you’re the real MVP’s; because to stand against this trans fascism is going to mean you will be attacked professionally, purged socially, and targeted individually, all because this selfish child and her family want you to legitimize their mental disorder.

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