How to Do a High-Quality Essay for a Job

Many students suppose that essays wend when they finish colleges or universities. However, the reality is not so pleasant. You can face an essay assignment even if your studying is far away in the past. For instance, you will write it for the language courses, for some educational programs, for different contests and grants, and during the job application process. We’ll talk about the last case, as a job application essay is a special type of academic writing. Devote a minute of your time to this post, and you’ll learn everything about writing an essay for gaining a job position. 

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Facts about Job Application Essays

A job application essay is also called a supporting statement. It differs from an average college essay. Here are its main characteristics:

  • The circumstances of writing usually change from college assignments. You can be given just 30 minutes to get the whole essay during the interview. Some HR managers offer writing it beforehand. In this case, you have enough time for writing. 
  • The main goal of such an essay is showing a set of author’s talents and testing if he or she is the right choice for a position. So, the authors must write something about themselves. They must make an interesting, deep, and well-considered story.
  • As usual, the choice of the topic is up to the writer. However, it does not mean that each storyline will do well. 
  • The employer expects to read about the current company and position. The essay, despite the topic, is tightly connected with the company and position an author applies. 

These are the main features of the job essay to consider. Is there a way to write it? Follow the text to learn some essential tricks. 

Job Essay: Structure and the Main Approaches to Writing

The structure of the essay does not vary much from a regular one. You still need three main parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. Usually, job essays are argumentative or persuasive, as you need to convince an employer in your professionalism. You might need to disclose a particular issue, as well. So, the body must be divided into paragraphs for the supportive points. List your arguments from the weakest one to the strongest one and supply them with evidence, examples, and conclusions. That is how you get your essay. 

As for the main approaches to writing, you need to rest upon a type of a job essay. As we know, it can be devoted to the issue, or it can tell about an applicant. The first variant requires an understanding of a topic. The second one can be considered as a detailed CV. 

If you got a topic or you can choose your own, comprehend it. Imagine what possible questions concerning the issue can appear. Answer them to get the main ideas of your essay. Combine them to get a thesis statement. Then support a thesis statement with 2-3 arguments. Enrich the arguments with relevant supporting statements. Structure your essay, and write down the answers to those questions in your conclusions. 

The second variant of the essay involves your in-depth comprehension of job position requirements. Think about what kind of advantages a perfect applicant must have. Think about your achievements and strong sides. Confront them with each other and put it down on paper. Do not speak about your advantages. Show them by your actions. In other words, describe a couple of situations that show you as a person your employer needs. Also, think about the values your position implies, and a company has. Demonstrate how you are going to support them. 

Some Universal Tips and Ideas

There are some ideas many applicants forget to apply. Remember them, as they are essential:

  • No matter how much time you have to write an essay, never give it away without proofreading. You may be forgiven for an incomplete document, but no one will stand silly grammatical mistakes and glitches. 
  • Think about the structure first. Even if you’ve got 30 minutes. A reader must understand your paper. If it is a pure pile of sentences, you will never get a job.
  • Use a prominent quote or ask your reader a question. In other words, hook your reader’s attention. Imagine how many essays a manager has to read. Make sure that he will read yours. 
  • Never use any language style except official. An essay is a way to show how you will speak and negotiate. It is a way to show your level of culture. Avoid slangish, obsolete, or senseless words. 
  • Be simple. Try to avoid long unnecessary constructions and overloaded sentences. It is not a story in a book to show your exceptional literature skills. 

Now you know how to cope with job essays. Remember that everything is possible. No one will give you a task you are cannot solve. Be sure to remember these simple rules, and you will never face problems.

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