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(ERLANGEN, GERMANY – 2010) The state of Germany performed a SWAT style raid to remove a girl from her family. The state considers them dangerous for attempting to homeschool their own children. The girl had been having trouble in public schools so her parents chose to teach her at home. The state persecutes homeschoolers in Germany and it is treated as a bizarre practice.

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 10.49.08 PMThe state describes the reasons they took the child as because she is overly devoted to her father. It states that she is “A highly disturbed girl who obediently and faithfully obeys the idealistic statements of the father and who describes the state as being despotic and fascist-like.” The girl was placed in a mental hospital alongside other teenagers who were suicidal.

It is interesting to hear the description of the state considering that the compulsory child education laws were used for the creation of the Hitler Youth. A special German bureau exists for the sole purpose of subverting the authority of parents and to take control of the children. Homeschoolers in Germany are at a severe disadvantage in combatting the negative stereotypes associated with the perfectly normal practice.

The video below from CBN has the story (5:31)

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