Foreign Policy

Fox’s Shep Smith: “We just got played by the Russians”

Fox News reporter Shepard Smith had harsh words for the US President Barack Obama after the executive’s threats to bomb Syria were diverted by a plan by Russia to disarm Syria’s chemical weapons. Syria’s government reportedly accepted an agreement that would halt an American military strike if they disarm their chemical arsenal. Shep tore into the Obama administration, claiming we were the gullible victims of a “head fake.”

From Andrew Kirell at Mediaite: 

“I think we’ve just wasted 24 solid hours and we’ve not made one bit of progress, not one centimeter of progress. The Russians just blew hard and blew us right off course. We just got played,” the Fox anchor added. “Makes you wonder what the President of the United States is going to say to the American people tonight with this ever-changing situation,” Emanuel replied. “I’m sure the president’s speechwriters are not having a good time at the moment.”