Trump is Wrong: Foreign Jobs are Good for Everyone

By Wayne Pac

During the first presidential debate, the two major candidates talked about their economic policies, both of which are absolute garbage.

Clinton is trying to promote Keynesian economics, which anybody with half a brain would know doesn’t work, and never will work. Government can’t spend its way to economic prosperity. On the other side, Trump is trying to say that we should bring jobs back to America by instituting authoritarian policy. Trump’s side of the argument is that jobs going overseas are bad for the economy, so we should do something about it.

The reason jobs go overseas is because it is cheaper to employ people overseas. Business works on being able to provide products, services, or other things to an individual for profit. When companies employ people for cheaper pay, it creates a higher profit margin. Something that Trump doesn’t want to admit is that companies that earn higher profit margins typically give higher wages to domestic employees, or are able to hire more domestic workers. It always depends on the individuals running the companies, so companies usually do one of three things: hire more workers; improve current wages for domestic workers; or set aside the money for future expansions or higher wages.

Hiring foreign workers for cheaper prices, leading to higher profit margins, leads to more domestic wealth. More domestic wealth is always better for the domestic economy. Not only does it create more domestic wealth, it creates more foreign wealth and allows for people outside the US to work for a wage and support themselves and their families.

So when you hear someone tell you that foreign jobs are hurting the domestic economy, you know what to tell them. Our economy isn’t in a worse place because of jobs going overseas for the intent of higher profit margins. It’s in a worse place because we keep allowing politicians like Clinton to institute more regulations and taxes on domestic entities, which in turn causes less profit domestically, and less jobs domestically.

If you want to improve the economy, remove the regulations and taxes, as they hurt our economy. Get rid of the welfare that enables system-surfers to lay on their couch and not do anything. If you rework the welfare system to actually help the people that truly do need help, then there won’t be free-riders that go on welfare when they don’t need it. Near half of Americans are receiving government benefits such as food stamps. People need to get jobs. The policies that people like Clinton have instituted serve to make people lazier. This is also true of the failed regulations that people like Trump want to institute.

If you want to bring back jobs to America, then provide an incentive for domestic business to hire more domestic workers, and create a more competitive environment by getting rid of the rules and regulations.

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