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At least 100 of the nation’s top food safety officials have contracted infectious diarrhea at the national Food Safety Summit

The government bureaucrats who regulate and inspect our food for a living may be less than competent at scrutinizing their own meals.

The national Food Safety Summit was attended by 1,300 food safety officials, including agents of the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control as well as a number of large businesses.

Officials hired the Baltimore Convention Center and its food service provider, Centerplate, to host and cater the event. “A couple of our folks indicated that they had experienced symptoms associated with food poisoning after the summit,” said FDA spokeswoman Juli Putnam.

Health officials have reached 400 of the conference attendees and determined that 100 of those reached have contracted gastroenteritis, or infectious diarrhea. Symptoms of gastroenteritis also typically include vomiting.

“We have not yet determined how people became ill,” a spokesperson for the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has said. City officials have inspected the convention center and issued Centerplate a citation for condensation dripping.

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  • Layla Godey

    Talk about a s***y conference. Where were the regulators at to see that nothing like this can ever happen??! There oughta be a law…