Feminists Called Down The Thunder, And Now They’ve Got It #stupidfeministquestions [PODCAST]

Yesterday on The Libertarian Republic we posted a story called “20 Stupid Feminist Questions for Men Answered” and boy did we spark one hell of a firestorm. Today’s Freedom Report podcast breaks down the list, expands on many of the topics, and trolls the hell out of Social Justice Warrior Marxist Feminists. Do you even liberty ladies? First world feminists don’t understand that they benefit from pretty girl privilege. It must be nice to not have to work hard, complain about having to wrap Christmas presents, and enjoy the fruits of capitalist labor created by men. The modern economy is a male epic. It’s a man’s world, and it always will be. And truly, a woman needs a man. Sadly, for unattractive women, it’s like being a man… you’re going to have to work. Work it girls! Or we men will work it for you, as we always have. Subscribe to the Freedom Report on iTunes and leave us a 5 star review!

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