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Taxes are already “the most expensive ingredient in beer today.”


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The Food and Drug Administration loves banning things more than you love beer.

The FDA is looking to clamp down on beer brewers with a proposal that would hold breweries to record keeping and food safety standards similar to those of livestock and pet food manufacturers.

Specifically, the FDA is concerned about the fact that many brewers sell their leftover grain as animal feed instead of throwing it in the trash. Brewing businesses are objecting to the proposal, saying that it will force them to throw away huge quantities of barley, wheat and other grains instead of putting it to good use by feeding it to livestock.

The FDA’s proposal would both harm the income of brewers and raise the price of livestock feed.

“This regulation is onerous and expensive, but really it’s just unnecessary. There has never been a single reported negative incidence with spent grain,” says Chris Thorne of the Beer Institute. The institute works to combat regulations that are unfavorable to brewers.

The government is already a significant burden on the beer industry. The institute says that, on average, taxes make up more than 40% of what American beer drinkers pay for beer. These range from “excise to consumption to sales taxes, as well as the normal business taxes. That makes taxes the most expensive ingredient in beer today.”

  • Tony Voluntary

    End the state.

  • Alex Dubois

    This is MORE than silly, this is IGNORANT! Spent grain is added to other grain, is mixed and is then either pelletized or dried. Either method would sterilize the grain for any “supposed” bacterial problems. If this regulation is allowed to stand expect to pay WAY more for both beer/spirits as well as meat!

  • joev

    Hey, its for our safety, just like every other kind act the state commits in our name with our money.

  • KS4Liberty

    So what prompted the FDA to move in this direction? Are they acting for the public good? Or, are they acting to benefit someone or some group who will profit by having this source removed from the feed market? If it defies common sense, then someone is likely receiving political payback… the taxpayer’s expense. They should be exposed.

  • American Avant Garde

    Tell these corporate federal stormtroopers they can come and take it…

  • Layla Godey

    So they find an area of the economy that is working profitably…and they insist on flubbing it up.