Evan McMullin Accidentally Picks His Running Mate

McMullin Campaign Seemingly in Disarray

by Josh Guckert

Conservative Independent candidate Evan McMullin is attempting to bring a conservative voice into the presidential race. Unlike the others running, he has yet to officially pick a running mate. He certainly has a high standard to live up to: all three of the 50-state tickets feature former governors in the vice presidential slot. However, McMullin’s decision may have been made for him already. In at least eight states, he will just have to settle for Nathan Johnson.

Who is Nathan Johnson? No one really knows just yet. McMullin was using the name as a “placeholder” until he could find an actual running mate. The only problem is that eight of the nine states where he has qualified to appear have already begun production of their ballots, thereby making the selection binding. The campaign insists that Nathan Johnson is a real person, though they have yet to provide any evidence that he exists.

As articulated by Daniel Strauss of Politico:

If McMullin is indeed stuck with Johnson on the ballot, it marks an embarrassing setback for a candidate already struggling with a lack of national name recognition, a small budget and a late start to his race. And it provides more fodder to McMullin critics, who say his bid for president is less a serious run for higher office than an attempt at self-promotion.

Not long ago, the Independent candidate criticized Gary Johnson as not a “credible option.” Now, that classification may be more aptly used to describe McMullin and his possibly imaginary running mate. Though the field may have been wide open for an Independent this year, the conservative has proven time and again that he is not that candidate.
Watch the Independent candidate interview in August:

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