DNC Being Sued for Allegedly Stealing Election from Bernie Sanders


By Elias Atienza

The Democratic National Committee is still dealing with the backlash from former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton winning the nomination and has been sued multiple times for election unfairness and other reasons. One lawsuit is gaining some ground; one that alleges that the DNC worked with the Clinton campaign to what amounts to election fraud against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Fox News reports:

“The case being heard in a Florida courtroom dates back to last summer, when the Democrats were thrown into turmoil following the leak of documents that appeared to show some DNC officials sought to undermine Sanders in the party primary. Jared Beck, a Harvard law expert, shortly afterward filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of residents of 45 states against the DNC and former chairwomen Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The DNC has been trying for months to have the case dismissed, and scored a temporary victory last year when it was decided the plaintiffs had improperly filed paperwork.

Beck has been fighting the DNC every step of the way, and is demanding the party repay individuals and Sanders supporters for contributions made during the election, alleging misappropriation of funds.”

One lawyer of the DNC has argued that the DNC did not have to be fair and neutral in the election process despite Article 5, Chapter 4 of the DNC charter stating that the entity should be totally neutral in the primaries. Te lawyer argued that this section was non-binding.

“And there’s no right to not have your candidate disadvantaged or have another candidate advantaged. There’s no contractual obligation here,” he said.

Other experts, according to Fox News, don’t think that the lawsuit will go far.

“Courts don’t typically get in the middle of intraparty disputes and while I am sure the DNC does not appreciate having to fight this lawsuit, judges are very reluctant to exercise their jurisdiction over politics,” Michael Toner, former legal counsel to the Republican National Committee, said.

Other lawsuit alleged that the DNC and some state parties did not pay their workers minimum wage for election work.

“While the DNC was not the employer in this case, the DNC follows all employment and wage laws to make sure that everyone who works a full time job receives a fair wage,” DNC spokesman Michael Tyler said in a statement to Fox News.

The DNC has asked the courts to dismiss both lawsuits.



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