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by Kody Fairfield


Friday on Fox News’ The Five, co-host and former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino stated that she has finally had enough with supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

After the numerous women who have come forward, the copious amount of vulgar and off-color comments towards or about women in Trump’s past, and after Trump’s response to the women who have accused him of misconduct, Perino says she can no longer defend Trump or his supporters.

I think it was Hugh HewittBen Carson, and a couple of others, after the audio came out from Access Hollywood, they that they anticipate more and worse things are going to come out… You know the thing is Trump has been accused by several women of sexual assault. He also is on that audio tape, bragging to Billy Bush about sexual assault because he is powerful and then he says, ‘Oh, you know that’s just locker room talk.’ Then today, he was saying there is no way he wouldn’t have sexually assaulted ‘those’ women, because they aren’t pretty enough. And I am like ‘Okay, what in the actual ‘you know what’ is going on.’

Perino also highlights a report out of NBC’s The Apprentice which discusses how Trump used to call deaf actress Marlee Matlin “retarded,” as another grievance she has in her body of evidence against Trump.

“And the Republicans that are defending this are really irritating me.”

“After 20 years of defending these guys… DONE!”

Perino goes on to explain what frustrates her about the Trump campaign’s handling of all this, and how they should be pivoting the focus of the media to Hillary Clinton‘s Wikileaks problem, instead of continuing to drive conversation about their own problems.

So I think one of the things that the Trump campaign has done, instead of focus on the real issues, like they’ve said they want everybody else to do, now this story is completely into the mainstream pop culture world. And it doesn’t matter what you’ve heard on the actual news because the most way thing, and way people are getting their news now, is on their phone. So from a pop culture stand point, that is where that is all happening. I would just add at the same time, Trump’s campaign has pulled his staff out of Virginia, Arizona shows a tie with her, one poll has her up by 1, and in Florida, a really telling number,  503,000 new registered Democrats are registered in 2016, compared to the Republicans at 60,000. So we have to be really clear eyed about what is happening. So blaming the New York Times, and Carlos Slim, and all of these things is a [Inaudible] Wednesday night at the debate, where he can make a convincing closing argument.

It appears that the hemorrhaging of Republican Party members’ support continues for Trump, and that his campaign may be facing a fate not too much different from the Hindenburg.

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Kody Fairfield, 26, hails from Orange County, California. He attended the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse pursuing his degree in Political Science and Public Administration. Kody found his passion in politics early, connecting first to our third President, Thomas Jefferson, but expanding into activism with his introduction to the Paul (Ron and Rand) family. In 2016, Kody was a delegate for the Libertarian National Convention, and helped to support Austin Petersen in his bid for the nomination. As a staunch believer in free markets, individual rights, and limited government, Kody began writing for Liberty Viral and The Libertarian Republic in 2016. In January of 2017, Kody was named the Editor-in-Chief of TLR and currently holds the Ambassador At-Large Chair for the Libertarian Party of Orange County, Ca. He believes that with the right messaging, the ideas of liberty will continue to grow. When Kody isn't politicking, he is busy managing a CrossFit gym, or spending time with family, friends and his dog.