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Couric Accused Of Doctoring Footage In Second Documentary Scandal

By Guy Bentley

Katie Couric has been accused of doctoring a second documentary to embarrass an interviewee who disagreed with her worldview.

Directed by Stephanie Soechtig and produced by Katie Couric, the documentary “Fed Up” took aim at the food industry and the role processed foods and sugar play in contributing to obesity.

One of the film’s participants has come forward with accusations eerily familiar to those made against Couric during her recent film “Under the Gun.”(RELATED: Katie Couric Finally Apologizes For Deceptive Editing Of Anti-Gun Documentary [VIDEO])

Couric appears to render Dr. David Allison speechless under the power of her questioning when she asks him about the role of sugary drinks in the rise of obesity, reports The Washington Free Beacon.

“Ms. Couric had said to me at the beginning of our interview ‘You know, Dr. Allison, if at any point you need to go over an answer, you stumble on your words, just let me know, we’ll stop, and you can go back over it’” said Allison.

After Couric asks her question, Allison begins his answer but stops and asks for a moment to collect his thoughts and start again. Couric replies, “okay” but the film rolls for several seconds and cuts to another interview.

Allison did not make another appearance in the film, and his full response to Couric’s question is not featured in the documentary.

Speaking to the Free Beacon, Allison makes clear he did have a response for Couric but believes he has been the victim of poor and deceptive journalism.

“Of course I gave an answer. I gave an answer to every question she asked me in a 90-minute interview that was a barrage of questions. And out of a 90-minute interview she chose to show the approximately 10 seconds when I paused and said, ‘Let me collect my thoughts’.”

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