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Better Safe Than Sorry?

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Andy Lopez

SANTA ROSA, CA – Deputies shot and killed a 13-year-old boy who was playing with a toy gun that was a replica of an assault rifle. Officers saw the boy playing with the weapon and ordered him to drop the weapon before shooting him with several rounds.

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The boy fell to the ground dying, whereupon officers placed him in handcuffs before attempting to administer first aid. He was also found with a fake toy handgun in his waistband.

The boy’s mother was reportedly grief stricken stating, “Why did they kill him? Why?”

Tuesday’s incident was the third fatal officer-involved shooting in Sonoma County this year. The officers have not yet been identified but have been placed on administrative leave.

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Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder of The Libertarian Republic, as well as the CEO of Stonegait LLC. Formerly an Associate Producer for Judge Andrew Napolitano's show "Freedom Watch", on the Fox Business Network. Austin was referred to by the Judge as "The right side of my brain". He built Judge Napolitano's social networks with over 700,000 fans and millions of clicks a month. Austin graduated from Missouri State University. He has written and produced award winning plays and videos, and previously worked for the Libertarian National Committee and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

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  • ian143

    Question is did he turn and point the object at the cops who may have not known it was a toy, need more info.

    • Justin Green

      of course they’ll say he did that. Cover your own ass, as they say.

    • More info. for sure! Very sad.

      • Dank

        Wait? You wan’t more ‘info’, but sounds like ian and you wan’t excuses to say the shooting of a child was justified. You two are sad.

        • Not at all, Mr. Dank I think these cops should be held accountable for their negligence! Stephen Weathers below nails the point. In no way to excuse these cops but if the boy did something in a extremely provocative manner maybe we can start to understand how they were so negligent! Even at that I feel there is no way to lay any blame on this young boy, these cops failed as cops…just sad!

  • matt

    the kid is at fault. i know police officers and they dont make mistakes. they are real life heroes!

    • Justin

      Matt, judging from your other posts, you are either a troll or an idiot. The only point we agree on is that the bible is a fairy tale best left for children, but if you say that every police officer is infallible and never makes any mistakes whatsoever you are one of the sheep and part of the problem. What are you going to say when a cop comes knocking for the marijuana that you seem to love? If you hate the US so much, kindly get the fuck out.

    • Sarcasm…Thats pleasant!

    • ronwator

      Wow that is a blanket statement if I ever heard one. Do you honestly believe cops are above the level of human? All humans make mistakes.
      Most are heroes indeed, but the militarization of our police forces and training methods have brought an increased number of officer involved shootings/killings. If you do just a little research you will find an alarming trend of police going to their guns more and more.

      • matt

        Dorner! Dorner! Dorner!

        • ronwator

          What does a rouge bad cop have to do with a 13 year old kid with a toy? You passed judgment on this kid with very little information and claim cops to be godlike and infallible. Why I’m even trying to debate this with you I don’t know because obviously it is an exercise in futility.

          • SixtusEllis

            his first statement sounds like sarcasm. His second statement I believe is an example of cops making mistakes, remember the 2 ladies that were fired upon for simply driving a truck? (that was the only thing in common with the vehicle they claimed dorner was driving)

          • physics2010

            I’m pretty sure Dorner was black, not red.

          • ronwator

            LOL I guess I lost control of my typing. Thanks for pointing that out. Of course I was going for “rogue” not “rouge”

          • matt

            in the end he was charcoal black and probably innocent

    • me2_again

      Everyone who does their job nowadays is a hero.

  • ghendric

    The cops are out of control in CA… what dumbasses… I hope they fry..

    • Alvin York

      how are these guys out of control?

      • tularem

        How can you not see it?

      • zastrong

        Let’s see, because they murdered a little kid for holding a toy gun. What are you, an idiot? Yeah, some “free” country we live in where people can’t carry weapons. And this one was a toy, for crying out loud! Do you really think that the police couldn’t have resolved the situation any other way? I’m not a fan of police tasering people, but it’s better than having a funeral for a 13 year old who was just having fun playing when next thing he knew the Nazi stormtroopers were spraying him with bullets. The police are out of control everywhere in America – not just in CA. They have some God-complex and think they can stomp on people and do whatever they want. The sick part is that these murderers will probably never be prosecuted and will still be allowed to wear the uniform. It’s complacent people like you, Alvin, who allow this type of tyranny to continue.

        • Legatus legionis

          The cops need to be charged with manslaughter.

        • B-rye

          I don’t know, that gun looks pretty real.

          • volksnut

            i agree – AND I’M A LIFETIME NRA MEMBER – I – THOROUGHLY SUPPORT OUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS But we don;t know all of the facts – and that does’nt look like much of a toy to me either – We don’t know what the kid was doing as he was ” playing ” we also don’t know what the cops said to him and how the kid reacted beforehand –

          • Sean Fitzthum

            Costumes are supposed to look real. It was a week before Halloween. Are cops going to be on a shooting spree on Halloween night then? Taking out supervillians and ghosts and zombies? Bottom line, the facts are: these two cops shot and killed a kid with a toy gun a week before Halloween. Get a grip. This is not ok.

        • Bomber

          Cops get shot almost everyday. These officers have families to go to at night and when someone doesn’t drop what looks to be a firearm, all bets are off. What, because he’s 13 that automatically means he can’t shoot at police? Come on. You are loaded with bias.

          • CommonSense101

            The 10 Deadliest Jobs:

            1. Logging workers
            2. Fishers and related fishing workers
            3. Aircraft pilot and flight engineers
            4. Roofers
            5. Structural iron and steel workers
            6. Refuse and recyclable material collectors
            7. Electrical power-line installers and repairers
            8. Drivers/sales workers and truck drivers
            9. Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers
            10. Construction laborers

            A police officers desire to make it home to his family doesn’t supersede a citizens desire to make it home to his. They take the job fully aware of the risks but they are supposed to be trained enough to handle tense, split-second, situations. The badge doesn’t give the right to kill without discretion.

          • Bomber

   look at all of the cops shot since 1776. To suggest officers must have one of their own popped in the melon before they engage is absurd. Unless you have had training in tactile responses to hostile situations, your judgements of this case are invalid.

          • CommonSense101

            What’s your point exactly, that since numerous police officers have been shot in the last 240 years it’s ok to kill without thinking? Are you also suggesting that since I haven’t taken government funded training (of which creates the mentality of the above officers) that I’m not allowed to have an opinion? Maybe you should research where the nickname “pig” comes from and stop drooling over the government.

          • Bomber

            Tactical training is hardly government funded. Look up “James Yeager” who runs Tactical Response, taken by a multitude of individuals who are non-law enforcement. Until you actually know how to respond in situations like this, you have nothing credible to say. It’s like you’re trying to correct an electrical engineer on something you have ZERO education for. But this is exactly what I mean, you assume all officers love the government. That’s incorrect, incredibly incorrect, actually.

          • CommonSense101

            I know who Yeager is, he was a mercenary. He didn’t receive any government training during that time? The skills he teaches in his classes today don’t reflect any of that previous training he received? This incident was not a tactical response situation. It was two police officers who saw a citizen walking down the sidewalk and stopped to investigate him. He wasn’t causing harm to anyone. Say the kid had a real firearm and was shooting up the neighborhood, that would be a tactical response. You, my friend, don’t know what kind of education I have. But again, just more babbling without any facts supporting your opinion.

          • Bomber

            But this is exactly what I’m saying. You are just going off about things you are clueless about. You are speculating and making things up. Please educate yourself instead of repeating what you hear other people say.

          • CommonSense101

            What am I making up? Again, support your opinions with something other than just saying I’m wrong and clueless.

          • Bomber

            Again, speaking from speculation and not actual research. You assume that their “training” from department to department is consistent and that the said training turns them into robotic beings incapable of human emotion and human mistake. “Trained enough” what does that even mean? I can’t stress enough that you have no CLUE what you’re talking about. You think THAT was killing without discretion? Believe me there have been cases where that is true but I assure you this is not one of them.

          • CommonSense101

            What do you think I’m speculating about? The list of the 10 most deadly; that is from Forbes. A police officers life being more important than any citizen; the badge doesn’t make your life more important than any others, only in your own mind but not legally. Everyone is being trained to be a robotic being, look at our public schools, critical thinking skills are a thing of the past. And sure, say that I’m clueless but don’t give any evidence to support your opinion of this case. At least I know how to explain what I think. And unless you were there, or have a video of the incident, you don’t know what kind of discretion the police officers used. My best “clueless” opinion is when the kid turned around to look at the police, the barrel of the toy gun swept the officers resulting in itchy fingers pulling the trigger. What do you know about this case that makes you the expert, knowing that this wasn’t a case of killing without discretion?

          • Brenda Foust Fry

            My question did any of you play with toy guns when you were a kid? I did, the more real they looked the cooler they were. If a cop would have told me to drop the gun I doubt I would have. I would have first been wondering if they were talking to me. Of course I was 13 in the 60’s when America WAS FREE! There should be way more conversation before ANY Law Enforcement Officer pulls a trigger. Don’t they have to be a fairly good at shooting targets before they get a badge and a holster and are they not supposed to continue to practice?……can’t they shoot someone in the arm or leg and disable them before going for the kill….why do they allow sadistic people to become cops? And you raise your children to trust a policeman, go to them for help….not in today’s world.

          • Sean Fitzthum

            They are public servants. If they place more importance on their safety than the rights of those they are charged with protecting and serving, then they aren’t doing their jobs.

        • Shawn Bleicher

          Happy to add a up vote =P )o,,,

      • Jason Spencer

        Alvin’s just being an ass… he obviously knows that his post will received such attention. I wonder how long the cops waited before spraying a 13 yr old full of bullets? I’m not a fan of the taser either, but I’m sure it would have worked and prevented another needless death.

      • Guest

        I don’t know maybe, “Officers… ordered him to drop the weapon before shooting him with several rounds.”

        It wasn’t reported as, “Officers… ordered him to drop the weapon. The boy turned and pointed the weapon towards police before shooting him with several rounds.”

        So yea, out of control

      • George Washington

        I don’t know maybe, “Officers… ordered him to drop the weapon before shooting him with several rounds.”

        It wasn’t reported as, “Officers… ordered him to drop the weapon.
        The boy turned and pointed the weapon towards police before shooting him
        with several rounds.”

        So yea, out of control

        Furthermore, the Constitution allows for the open carry of weapons, California doesn’t. Open carry is a misdemeanor in CA and I guess as we are all witnesses, punishable by death.

      • Shawn Bleicher

        Your up votes give me so much hope for man kind -.- What a Duche )o,,,

    • Rob

      Why hope? Find them and fry them yourself. At this point, there is no further need to rely upon this broken system.

  • Kink

    The kid in the picture doesn’t look like a kid at all and that toy gun doesn’t look like a toy at all. I understand that cops can sometimes be assholes but this doesn’t seem like one of those cases at first glance.

    • SixtusEllis

      Yea I’d give them the benefit of the doubt, IF LEO’s motto hadn’t of changed. It USED to be to protect and serve. It is now kickin’ a$$ and takin’ names. There has been a huge change in attitude, policy and demeanor of LEOs. Now I don’t give them ANY courtesy.

      • me2_again

        Protect and Serve has always been second to knocking heads. Always.

  • grumpy old man

    I smell a coverup coming.It sounds like these officers were over zealous at the very least…Now do you believe in gun control ? I do,for the police,those who “Protect ans serve”…Now these parents can bury their just barely,teenage son. A kid that was only playing. They weren’t very observant,were they.

  • BDTR

    We need officer-mounted cameras.

    • Chuck Palmer

      They make some cops in my state wear lapel cameras on their uniforms. They still brutalize citizens and get away with it.

  • Lario

    Nothing will be done with the officers.

    • Alvin York

      nothing should be done. Its not like they hoped out of their car and said “lets shoot a kid for no reason”

      • tularem

        Funny, the article doesn’t say anything about any witnesses. You should go ahead and let the police know you saw everything and can testify as to what happened.

      • Jess Ryan

        Actually they did Alvin, this was not a report called into dispatch. They supposedly saw the kid with the assault rifle and reacted to what they saw, and act incorrectly that lead to an innocents life. Today’s police far to often shot first and ask questions later. Happens all the time here in Vegas

  • TD63

    I don’t believe the “official” story…why wouldn’t the kid have dropped the toy gun if he was warned that he would be fired upon? I think they just shot first and asked questions later.

  • one

    Sooner or later, they will say that he pointed the gun at them. I am for (good) law enforcement agents, which these guys clearly were not. They will say that he pointed the gun at them and they were threatened, but I don’t buy into it. They were way to paranoid to make a good decision. Sad, very, very SAD!

  • David Dufore

    A replica is NOT a freaking toy!!!

    • tularem

      A replica is also not a gun…

      • A gun is also not a toy.

        • tularem


        • $6436930

          A replica is not a toy!

          • Guest

            it may have been an airsoft gun which are ‘replicas’ but still toys.

          • $6436930

            Doesn’t anyone have a sense of humor around here?

  • Ed

    cops are our worst enemies

    • Jason Spencer

      Government is higher on that list

      • Ed

        true…cops are merely an arm of the government

  • Ryan Borger

    NAME NAMES!! Who were these “officers”. Fire them, then press charges for 1st degree murder.

  • Aliel The Heretic


    • Joshua Barnard

      Not a republic, that is the problem, has become a tyrannical oligarchy.

  • Jason Spencer

    So as an officer, you can just shoot anyone, then go on paid leave for however long, get backed up by your cronies, and come back whenever… wow….. disgraceful.

  • Thomas Lavoie

    At 00:05 the news reporter says “…opened fire on a male carrying a…”, they call him a male instead of a boy, then they call him a “teen”. A teen can mean 13 to 19. They are purposely trying to make it seem like it’s an older male adult at the start. Clearly a low quality news channel.

  • Erich Sommer

    they order him to drop it then shoot him before he can comply then handcuff him while he is bleeding out?. i am sure it was very obvious he was a young teen. fucking pigs now days have itchy trigger fingers among other things that makes me distrust them. i bet they made up a bullshit story too, to cover their asses.

  • LibertarianBiker

    California is a police state.

  • clocker1

    Since the only witness other than the police is dead, we’ll never get the truth.

  • Stephen Weathers

    Our soldiers in the sandbox could not fire unless fired upon. Why aren’t these standards held with our “law enforcement”?

  • volksnut

    I think we need to hear the WHOLE story – if thats at all possible with todays media – before passing any judgement –

  • Psi

    Hunt down the filth and their families. An eye for an eye.

  • PJ

    And yet we have no idea how the boy was acting, what was said, etc etc. I’m sure the cops just rolled up on this kid and shot him right? Some people are so fucking stupid it’s criminal.

  • Guest

    Yea, only police should have guns right. You can trust them I promiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Jay F

    He got a heavy dose of Protect & Serve

  • Kurgen_1

    I’m amused at all the news not covering the fact that replica guns have a red plug in the muzzle. Notice how the pictures don’t show the front of the barrel. Pellet firing replicas have a red ring around the tip of the barrel this is to identify it as a toy not a real gun. They claim he pointed the gun at them, which raises the question, why didn’t they notice the red tip ?