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Breed Specific Killing?

ANADARKO, OK – Police are investigating the random killing of a man’s pit bull. Carol Nix reported to Fox that the dog was not aggressive or bothering anyone when a police officer arrived and shot the dog from his squad car. I said ‘you just shot him?’ and he said ‘oh yeah,'”

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Police Chief David Edwards rebutted that not everyone in the neighborhood agreed with Nix’s account, so the local news station interviewed others in the area to confirm. Fox talked to neighbor Janie Pettit who stated, “He shouldn’t have shot it. He shouldn’t have shot it because it didn’t pose a threat. It wasn’t threatening to anybody.

A spokesperson for an animals rights group claimed, “This is basically a breed-specific murder. If that had been a collie, a lab, that wouldn’t have happened, but being a pit bull, it was his death sentence,” she said.

The dog owner was devastated to hear about his dog’s death. When he picked up his dying dog from the police, the officers wrote him a ticket for letting his dog escape.

  • Cl4tgp

    Maybe someone will shoot this cop for no reason other than he’s a cop. That would be most wonderful Karma.

    • RogueR

      That would be justice.

  • WesMar856

    They often progress from animals to people; this type of violent person…

  • Joe Davis

    This is why you should open carry, you could have shot the asshole cop, Don’t try this shit here.

  • Will Sampson

    Now who moans about gun control? We don’t have armed cops in UK, our cops don’t murder dogs in the street, our cops don’t murder 95 year old veterans in nursing homes. You have Piers Morgan, all is good 😉

    • James Dutton

      Why are you commenting on a story in the US? Isn’t there enough going on there to worry about?

    • Alex

      We the people are not against gun control for tax eaters (cops and other government leeches) – we are just against gun control for tax payers (free people employed in private sector).

    • bumpkin

      That is because your OFFICERS aren’t armed, not your public.

  • Guest

    One day the cops will be doing that to people…..

    • Tim Smith

      “One day”? They’re doing it now!

  • dig_into_the_lies

    Fng scumbags. Try that s#it at my house.

  • bumpkin

    That is SO sad, but in this case, we dont have enough info to ‘try’ the officer here. Why did someone call the cops on the loose dog in the first place? Was he snarling at someone, was he jumping up on someone? We need more info. Maybe the dog was being good, but, maybe not. There is more to the story- who called the cop and why?