Can You Guess What Deregulation Has Done to Colorado Marijuana Prices?

By Wayne Pac

Colorado cannabis has been getting much cheaper, according to Tradiv, an online marijuana distribution platform. Marijuana prices per pound have dropped from around $2,400 per pound last October, to $1,400 per pound as of last month. John Manlove, director of sales at Tradiv, told Business Insider that “prices have dropped to nearly half of their previous totals, we’ve never seen prices like this.”

It’s rather obvious how this has come about. Less regulations, rather than more, is what is best for consumers. It is the only thing that makes economic sense. Due to there being so few regulations, production companies are able to output bigger quantities for less money, and in return charge smaller prices for the consumers.

Colorado is a great example of how the legalization of marijuana can positively impact the economy and the citizens. Libertarians always ask┬áthe question, can we do this with more liberty, rather than less. That answer is most undoubtedly “yes.”

The federal government should decriminalize drugs and promote the growth of a nationwide marijuana industry. It could most definitely be something that helps our economy get better. If you don’t know how much regulation should be put on the marijuana industry, look toward Colorado. What helps industry the most is deregulation and lower taxes.

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