College Conservatives Denied Petition For “Murder-Free Zone” Because It’s “Triggering”

By: Laura Meyers

In an effort to mock gun-free zones and the idea of banning unwanted behavior by decree, a College Republican chapter at Portland State University asked permission from their administration to table and garner student support for a “murder free zone” on campus.

“In the murder-free zone we were looking to create, nobody will be killed with guns, knives, sticks, or anything of the sort,” said Christian Bripschgi, political director of Oregon’s College Republican Federation chapter.

Administrators denied the group’s request and said the proposal could be “libelous,” “triggering” and cause people to attack the students.

Can you smell the irony?

“It is insulting to students to assume that if one sees the word “murder,” they might be sent off into a violent range,” said Peter Bonilla, director of the Individual Rights Defense Program at Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). “In the case of the students at Portland State, there is nothing other than language policing taking place.”

We should just make the whole world a murder-free zone, then I can finally have a bedazzled unicorn for a pet and not have to worry about bad guys anymore, right?

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