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With Hillary Clinton’s Health Getting Worse, Who Would Take Her Place?

Clinton Sanders

Is this the end of the road for Hillary Clinton?

By Brittni Kates

During a September 11 memorial service, Hillary Clinton collapsed. She was quickly rushed out in the middle of the service. With her now obvious health problems, are the Democrats already looking to replace her? If so, how would it be? Are they going to put running mate Tim Kaine at the top of their ticket? Are they going to draft Bernie Sanders? What is next for the Democratic ticket? What will this mean for the race as a whole?

There is a lot of talk about the DNC having meetings to create a plan B. One of the people claiming this is former MSNBC reporter David Shuster.

According to later tweets from Shuster, it might be looking like Biden. This is making Bernie Sanders supporters freak out. As a millennial in this mess of an election, I can confirm that Sanders supporters are begging that this is their chance to get their candidate in. Below is a meme one of my liberal friends posted as soon as the rumors started.

Part of me is slightly worried Senator Sanders might get stepped in. Gary Johnson has gained a lot from the Bernie crew (which first, is odd for me). While we might have the same diagnosis of the problems in this country, Johnson’s proposals are LESS government. While Sanders’ solutions are MORE government. As I’ve been saying since the Democratic party named Hillary as their nominee, I’m completely fine with Sanders supporters coming over to the LP as long as they are willing to give up their big government ideas.

Along with the speculations of Sanders, most have been saying it will be running mate Tim Kaine. Others have been saying a possible Biden run. There is one thing I can certainly hope for. I can only hope out of all this presidential drama, as this is the most dramatic election I’ve seen, level heads will prevail and we will have a libertarian in office once all this smoke clears.

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