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Amber Randall on September 28, 2017

Cornell University’s Black Students United demanded the university start recruiting more black American students because the campus has too many African and Caribbean students Wednesday.

Black Students United, a group for students identifying with the African diaspora, handed the university president a list of twelve demands, with one of them dealing with the disproportionate representation of African students compared to black students on the campus.

“We demand that Cornell Admissions to come up with a plan to actively increase the presence of underrepresented Black students on this campus. We define underrepresented Black students as Black Americans who have several generations (more than two) in this country,” the group stated in their demands.

Black Students United takes issue with the fact that there are more African and Caribbean students on campus when compared to black students. The group defines black students as those who come from black families that have lived in America for two or more generations. While the group said it doesn’t mind the university trying to recruit African students, they want the college to pay more attention to black students whose families have been affected by years of white supremacy.

“The Black student population at Cornell disproportionately represents international or first-generation African or Caribbean students. While these students have a right to flourish at Cornell, there is a lack of investment in Black students whose families were affected directly by the African Holocaust in America. Cornell must work to actively support students whose families have been impacted for generations by white supremacy and American fascism,” the group wrote.

The demands from Black Students United come after a black student alleged that fraternity Psi Upsi members brutally assaulted him and called him a “n*gger.” The demands also call for the frat to be shut down and give up its house to students of color to gather.

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  • TomRay

    They are upset because the Africans fit into mainstream Society better and get along with Society in general—and make better grades. They invalidate the “Excuses” and “Complaints” of American Africans.

    • Recon5

      I’ve seen many of the students and immigrants in question say they have little in common with the black community here. I’m sure that’s not a universal truth, but it’s definitely true for many.

    • Salazar Ndinga

      Well said

    • Joe Larsson

      This is incorrect. Most black countries are 3rd world and they dont know how to act. They bring crime to our shores. Third world people of color going to an ivy league are either from a very rich family or have a massive IQ.

      • TomRay

        THAT is my point—Those Blacks that Go ARE RICH or have High IQs–And are thus able to function in mainstream Society—More so than “enculturated” American Blacks.

      • You’re trying it

        This is absolute insanity. It makes zero sense for someone born and raised in America to accuse others of bringing violence to other lands. You’re the most violent imperialists in our contemporary times. You actually fool yourselves into thinking that you spread war as means to bring peace though.

        • Joe Larsson

          And yet I am 46 years old and work at a jail. I’ve only been in use of forces with drunk people being booked and 1 guy that came at me. Outside of work I was in a few fights as a kid, never with weapons. Imperialism has nothing to do with this thread at all. 3rd world refugees of any color bring crime. Just watch the news. And I dont know what all this you shit is, I go to work, do what I can to help my neighbors. I’d be ok with pulling out of all those countries and stop sending troops and financial aide. They all hate us anyway.

  • Pernicioussnowflakes

    Laugh, snort, chortle.

  • Christian Langley

    “…they want the college to pay more attention to black students whose families have been affected by years of white supremacy.”

    WTF? Not only do these “blacks” misunderstand their own history thanks to the lens of Liberal revisionism, but they are clueless about the history of white oppression of colored peoples in the REST of the world!?

    These morons have no clue about slavery in the Caribbean and South America! And why should they, since they seem to think that slavery was still around in their grandparents’ days?!

    • Andrea Escobar Gutierrez

      Slavery wasn’t but most people’s grandparents were born before desegregation and if they’re from the US then they lived through it….

      • mK

        That is no excuse they complain too much, get over it and move on to progress your life. What do you know about blacks in the Caribbean and Africa that walk miles to school on a single meal a day, still make good grades gets corporate scholarship and make good in the same state where the black Americans have the opportunity from birth.

        • Chino Delgado

          How is it complaining when this systemwas designed for the economic and social attraction of white people only? Niggas like you want to play it white every chance you get. Niggas in Africa sold us out anyway so the he’ll with their struggle. Still doesn’t give the white man a pass for participating. The sell out Africans were just some stupid niggas that is why I don’t identity with them

          • brian tokarski

            Well the problem people have tho is that a majority of white people aren’t racist and aren’t white supremacists, and yet its thrown in to their faces as if they had a direct hand in collaborating with the KKK or something. These issues would be fixed a lot more if white people as a whole weren’t told that they owed shit to black people. I’m all for equal rights across the board, but when someone tells me I owe them cuz of such and such, you lose my support. I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way and its turning a mess in to an even bigger mess.

      • C.P. James Nunez

        Incorrect. And b.s. You should learn American history, Andrea. First, there is no date certain for desegregation. It was a decades long process. But if you use forced bussing in 1971 as the final event, since even folks born in that year wouldn’t be in school until 1977, when it would presumably be near its peak, that means that desegregation was “final” by 1971. That’s 46 years ago. Census data indicates that only about a third of the population is older than 46.

        So, no, “most people’s grandparents” do NOT remember segregation. You’d have to be talking great-grandparents who might slightly remember it and great-great-grandparents who would have much experienced it.

        Maths and research is teh hardz, huh?

        • Couture Byrd

          For you it certainly is, because you quite clearly don’t know what your talking about. Doing some research would show that Jim Crow officially lasted all the way up into the 1960’s, and even then if you would look up actual court cases you would see issues with desegregation going all the way into the 70’s and one instance of the 80’s I believe. My grandmother remember Jim Crow (and is still alive) and sat on the back of the bus. My mother and father were born just at the end of it (later 50’s) and could still tell tales about police brutality or in one instance of a sheriff trying to enforce a sun down town, so please if your going to lecture racists (like the people in the article) don’t be a hypocrite and so lacking in knowledge and history too. It may not be the majority, but there is plenty of remembrance and you would be wise not to speak upon that which you do not know.

    • Chino Delgado

      Has nothing to do with liberal revisionism. That is the dumbest shit I read so far. Everyone knows the white man has skunked up the entire planet earth and continue to do so. The issue is white people have controlled these text books and information you learn in school which was designed to make the white man feel superior. You idiots need to stop it with this liberal conservative crap. That isn’t the issue. Conservative are the biggest hypocrites. They will start wars fast as hell and talk some Jesus christ shit in the next sentence.

      • Lonnie Denton

        Wow. You are so fucking racist you make the head of the Klan look good by comparison and so ignorant of history you make the Kardashians look smart. Just another whinny black leftist looking for a handout and calling self made black men uncle Tom’s because you are jealous of their intelligence and place in the world.

      • brian tokarski

        you just proved my point I just made in the post above. Thanks.

    • Patricia Wint

      Are they being taught their History?

    • Couture Byrd

      Absolutely! These idiots are racists and idiots of the highest degree! (And by the way, unless it’s South Africa, referring to black people as colored, is a racist outdated term).

  • Don Skizenta

    the “African Holocaust” in America?? When did that happen? It seems I missed that one.

    • Cosmosis

      They are either accidentally referring to black-on-black genocide where they kill each other annually at a rate that exceeds the deaths during the vietnam war or by elective abortion which has cut their numbers in half – all of course fueled and glamorized by the “great society” left.

      • Theodora

        No they are referring to the genocide of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation and police brutality. But you go ahead and gloss over history.
        And Btw what about white on white genocide why don’t you concentrate on getting that under there are more of you than us with the same percentages, its practically a holocaust.

        • C.P. James Nunez

          They are? Well, then, they’re dumber than I thought.

          • Couture Byrd

            I agree, and black on black crime rates (though it needs to be brought down) does not equal genocide either you hypocrite, unless you have decent evidence that criminals that happen to be black are interested in the destruction of the black race?

  • Renée Williams

    Americans who claim to be African want to be favored above people who came from Africa. Is that correct? They are claiming to be disadvantaged above people from Rwanda, where genocide has killed one million people? They are claiming to be more disadvantaged than refugees from Sudan? We could go on and on. Have they taken the time to find out why those African students came here, and their families sacrificed everything for them to have an opportunity for education? Have they been alone in a foreign country while their home country would not release funds to their parents for their education? NO! The answer is a resounding, “No!”

    • Jahan Khalili

      These are good observations, and the American blacks – like the general public here – are indeed often ignorant about the problems of the rest of the world, and the problems foreigners face here, while seeing and magnifying only their own problems.
      However, the blacks from Africa have not had their culture and their traditions completely destroyed. They retain this. The effect of the destruction of a race’s own culture can be seen among the Native American population, with its social ills, e.g. alcoholism, which didn’t exist before contact with Western Civilization.
      Also consider that many immigrants from other continents don’t necessarily represent the downtrodden “average Joe” in their own countries. They most often are upper class or at least middle class people who already have a sufficient education to speak English and enough of a disposable income to afford an airplane ticket, or to have their parents wife them money.
      Those are beyond the capabilities of the commoner in their own countries.

      • Theodora

        Actually they do represent the average joe’s in their country.
        They have to earn the money first to even think about universities outside their countries of origin. It is hard to get and they have to hustle do get.

        • Jahan Khalili

          No. These countries are nothing like America. The socioeconomic mobility that has existed here in America doesn’t exist in them. Money is not earned at all. It is either an accident of birth or plunder, or both. There is little economic growth. You are either born rich or not. No one has the power to change their destiny very much through hard work or talent in these countries, because the resources are too limited to sustain the sort of free-for-all that has existed in America, where you can just get a job and move into your own apartment. They are also too underdeveloped. Their universities have limited space, and out of the entire population only a lucky few can attend. Even their high school level education may not be universally available to everyone. In these countries, the poor stay poor, and the rich do not get richer, except through corruption, stealing or changes in political fortune. If someone rises from a lower class to wealth in some sub-Saharan African country, chances are he is like Mobutu or Idi Amin, rather than Bill Gates.

          • Freedom of speech

            Wwll consideing I come frome onw of those countries, I should know the struggle that is real to get to study in the USA.
            They are not underdeveloped a degree from the uk or USA are more recognised.
            You don’t know jack about Africa, your unabashed ignorance says it all.
            And Fyi we have thousands of Bill Gates in Africa, the richest woman on the world is a Nigerian. Look up Dagote cement.

          • Jahan Khalili

            OK, my dad’s Iranian. I’m not an expert on Nigeria. But I don’t believe that Nigerians have as much social mobility as Americans. Nigerians, like Iranians, have an incentive to lie about the true state of their country because like Iranians they are more concerned with their national image than the truth, right?

          • Freedom of speech

            And just an fyi Africans did not sell other Africans they were captured, the same way your Ancestors captured and enslaved my Ancestors for 1400 years.
            You are the epitome of ignorance, you don’t even know your own history, relying on racist distortion of history.
            Europe was bankrupt, Africa was well developed, there werea hundred citiies that were looted and raised to thw ground. Africans had the resources they have today, except they were in charge of it.

          • Jahan Khalili

            Let’s look at Nigeria and Iran.
            Nigeria GDP: 405.1 billion USD
            Nigeria population: 186 million (2016)
            Iran GDP: 393.4 billion USD (2015)
            Iran population: 80.28 million (2016)
            So Iranians are richer per capita than Nigeria. But they are both still in the same league: Third World countries.
            Most Iranians who immigrate to America are not the dirt poor illiterate villagers. In fact, none of them are. I have never seen an Iranian villager become a millionaire. I have never seen an Iranian villager here in America. All Iranian immigrants I’ve met were city people (you can tell from their accents).
            Now look at USA GDP: 18.57 trillion USD (2016)
            USA Population: 323.1 million (2016)
            The USA is in an entirely different league from either Iran or Nigeria. Poor people own cars here far more frequently. They eat meat every day. They can often afford to buy an airplane ticket.
            Socio economic mobility is a function of economic growth and standard of living. You cannot change this with individual willpower. Traveling between countries is easier for those who have disposable income. I think that’s a good explanation for why I have never seen any Iranian villagers in America. Right?

          • Heeb

            Rotflmao…what utter bullshit

      • mK

        I am an immigrant from a Caribbean country thank God it is not the US with all this racist shit from your own skin. However when we go to a country we have a forest view and we are willling to work hard and not depend on hand outs. Also we are not always from middle or upper class families we are often poor but we want better for ourselves and families so we have to educate our selves and work hard and smart by passing the local blacks sometimes 10 times because they think society owes them, complains about nothing is not going on.

        • Jahan Khalili

          Yes, I understand. However, re: your comments about which class of people can migrate: the Caribbean is closer to the US than some Third World country in Africa is. Its easier for some poor person from the Caribbean to get here than it is for some poor person from a sub-Saharan African country to come here. Some people from Haiti just came by boat, without any visa, right? Proximity also allows poor Mexicans and Guatemalans to make it here, because the US border is right there in front of them. But poor people from some other continent like Africa can not even dream of doing this, right?

        • Jahan Khalili

          Further, consider that migrants to Europe from poor Third World countries e.g. in Africa, the Middle East or Asia can and do enter Europe illegally. But those same migrants have no hope of crossing the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans to reach the US. So immigration to the US from distant places is largely restricted to who can afford the journey, not to mention to who can get a visa.

        • I agree with mK. I have three black sons. My father is from Haiti and I told my three sons that they would be disrespecting the family if they fall into this American culture where blacks blame everyone for everything.

      • rasheed h olalere


    • rasheed h olalere

      Very Sensible write up,

  • Sharon

    Are those BSU students gong to pay for the black American students to attend?

    • Adékúnlé Al Miftau Adéǐté

      They probably thought the Africans are on welfare like them.. We Africans do not roll like that, we work hard.

  • Sheffield Wednesday Addams

    So stop the meritocracy towards excellent students and candidates of all the world and start putting the toughs who talk like stereotypes and hate the crackers. NICEEEEEE.

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  • jim1965

    I would sincerely like them to do an objective analysis on the backgrounds and history of every black that receives preferential treatment on admissions, because a lot of people of color that I have known do not have ancestry connected with slavery, nor have they lives through desegregation and a lot of them were wealthier than my parents; yet they get preferential treatment. It is institutionalized racism. Hypocrisy.

  • Chalma Patterson

    Stupid squared.

  • mK

    Racist even against their own race, stupid ass how the hell did they end up in Ivy League in the first place

    • Adékúnlé Al Miftau Adéǐté

      That is what they do. I face that everyday simply because I am African. Dullards.

  • Adékúnlé Al Miftau Adéǐté

    Hello Black America, when you think your lives do not matter we Africans stood by you. Those African and Caribbean students do not have access to food stamp and medicaid. Their parent pay fees that are three times higher than yours. They are probably more brilliant than you and are getting all the academics-based scholarships. Will you get your lazy asses up and read your books? You are tired of shouting white supremacy now it’s the turn of Africans and Caribbeans? You should be ashamed of yourself. I am a first generation African-American and I have done well for myself. My kids will go to any Ivy League school they want because I can afford it and they have the required grades to get in. Rather than waste your energy on meaningless protests, channel your time and energy towards your brothers and sisters in the inner cities. By the way, hardly will you find any African or Caribbean student that is the first to go college in his family, that should be your priority, compete and don’t expect to be spoon fed all your life.

    • Jason Johnson

      Black Americans who do well academically are bullied and/or assaulted for “acting white.”

      • me1952

        Apparently those doing the bullying don’t see this as the epitome of racism…to suggest there is something “white” about excelling academically. Are they too stupid to see this?

      • Jan

        And the bullying is done by Blacks. How sad is that???

      • You’re trying it

        Lolol Stereotype, unproven, and false. Drop the quotes and stop acting as though your some specialist. Education has and always will be celebrated by African Americans. You can begin the process of dispelling your ignorance by reading the following:

        1-Young, Gifted, and Black: Promoting High Achievement among African-American Students


        2-Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do

        This is of course, only if your ignorance isn’t the willful kind.

    • You’re trying it

      “stood by”? I need you to shut the hell up with that nonsense. The amount of anti-Black(American)ness among Africans and Caribbean islanders is without equal. This type of protesting wasn’t a “waist of energy” when it was to your benefit was it? It is us who stood by you only to have you jump on board with the (White) mainstream’s denigrating of Black people and perpetuation of social hierarchies later on. This type of protesting is the reason that you and your children have access to what was literally built on OUR backs with OUR suffering. Idea! Stay in Africa if you don’t want to help us fight oppression here in our country. Should do well with all of the Ivy League schools you have there. Oh wait.

      Literally ALL that the majority of you do when you get here is take up negative stereotypes about my people and I, throw us under the bus so that you can be better accepted by European Americans. I’m just glad that I know that you do not represent all Africans. Many of my own friends come from various countries on the continent and worked to dispell the ignorance they once held about my people by educating themselves on more than just the dominant narrative crafted by the oppressor. I suggest you do the same. Trust that if African Americans didn’t want you here, you wouldn’t be. You’re here because at one point in time we understood that our fates as member of the Black Body were linked.

    • rasheed h olalere

      “You are tired of shouting white supremacy now it’s the turn of Africans and Caribbeans”

      Kudos to you Egbon mi

      It’s always easy to blame others. You can spend your entire life blaming the world, but your successes and failures are entirely your own responsibility.

  • Gisa Heo

    African holocaust? Seriously like Pol Pot, Rwanda, Jewish, Rom? Slavery dehumanized, holocaust dehuman

    • Theodora

      Yes over 400 years. That would do it.

      • C.P. James Nunez

        Well then, invent a time machine and stop black African tribes from capturimg other tribes and selling them into slavery.

        No. Wait. Scratch that. Just go to Africa NOW and stop blacks and Muslims enslaving blacks. Because see what you whine about from 400 years ago IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW IN AFRICA.

  • terrybestprondzinski

    You are not smart enough! Fools! Not AA that’s for damn sure!

  • Arbite

    “Caribbean students. While these students have a right to flourish at
    Cornell, there is a lack of investment in Black students whose families
    were affected directly by the African Holocaust in America.”

    Do they not realize that slaves in the Caribbean sugar plantations had it much, much worse than those on cotton plantations? (Not that having to live as someone’s property in the knowledge that they could sell your children at any time and you’d never see them again is ever *EASY*)

    • mK

      Slavery was bad and is bad but we need to get over it and move on. The white man did not enslave us it was merely business. It was our own blacks that turned us into commodity and sold us to the whites off the Gold Coast of Ghana in the first place. Even till this day blacks are still selling blacks. At least the white man realised it was wrong and abolished it, our own people still yet fail to abolish it because it provides them with riches. And no I am not trying to justify slavery but we as a people need to move on otherwise we will remain to be stagnant and blaming others for our lack of success.

      • Salazar Ndinga

        well said !!!

      • C.P. James Nunez


      • Freud Voltaire

        When black folks gloat over their “achievements” in this society and take pleasure in put ting down their kind it is the greatest proof of well-done White supremacy indoctrination. Your degree is a gift from White supremacy for your good disposition to help perpetuate their insanity and the misery of the non-white world. JOB WELL DONE. I am familiar with your distorted line of thinking as I was born in the Caribbean. The sad thing is that 99% percent of so-called minorities have not bothered to research the origin of the “educational largesses” that has allowed them to come here and prosper. It is not due to the good graces of white folks, far from it. Well, until the early seventies CUNY was mostly not opened to blacks and I remember quite well the struggles that forced open the doors of these institutions to immigrants in New York. As a SERIOUS STUDENT of TRUE HISTORY, not HIS STORY, I find it quite disturbing that your ignorant views can bring comfort to some of the avowed racists who have commented on this article.

        • Patricia Wint

          Remember… This discussion was sparked by a news report telling us that some “black folks” wanted fewer of other black folks on their campus. mK is seeking to defend the black folks who have come under attack…attack from their own black brothers and sisters.
          While I do not agree that we should “get over it” I do agree that we must move forward.

  • C.P. James Nunez

    If college students at CORNELL wrote, “We demand that Cornell Admissions TO come up with a plan” (and they did – I just read their stupifesto) , these halfwits clearly never deserved to be in college to begin with. Who taught these imbeciles English?

  • Joe Larsson

    If that is the letter they sent then they should not be at an Ivy league as it is not grammatically correct. “the African Holocaust in America.” WTF is that.

  • jim

    and so it begins – your black but not the right black

    • Jan

      You nailed it…in a nutshell. Very succinctly put.

  • I’m throwing my hands up in the air like I just don’t care. Now African Americans hate African Africans and blacks from the Caribbean Islands? Why? Because they just want to skip the BS and graduate, go to work or start businesses? My father is from Haiti and when I was in college, I didn’t join any of those stupid fraternities. All the members were getting “F” grades.

  • Jason Johnson

    What a bunch of whiners.

  • reversalmushroom

    How about we just not have race quotas and have it be a meritocracy?

  • “We demand”….HAAA!!! FUUUUUCK OFF!!! You’re not there to demand shit! Your entitled ass is there to get an education that I’m sure I’m paying for!!! So learn something, go out and become productive member of society instead of a government sponge!!

  • How long before they’re offended by being labeled “African Americans”?

  • Gary Moeller

    If they get the grades, they can get in. Screw preferential treatment.

  • me1952

    Is this pity party going to end any time soon? Not likely. People relish their “victimhood” and will milk it for all it is worth. So the BSU and the BSU alone decides who qualifies as “victims”?
    Do these overindulged BSU crybabies not realize that many of these African and Caribbean students come from poverty and deprivation beyond anything they can comprehend? That they have lived under REAL tyrants and dictators? If anyone can attest to true hardship, it is these students.
    My physician is African. Many of our doctors our African. I work with the son of Haitian refugees, a highly skilled and respected physician, liked by everyone.
    Maybe these African and Caribbean students are resented because don’t come here with a sense of entitlement, but a sense of determination. They know true hardship. They know the world owes them nothing. They never heard of “white privilege” or “microaggressions”. They excel.

    What is more infuriating and threatening than people who tell us we have NO excuses for our failures..except ourselves?

  • rdn

    Blacks vs African vs Caribbeans. Light skin vs dark skin. Kinky hair vs straight.
    Country blacks vs city urban ones…..ect. One of the many complex reasons why Afro-Americans (the whole spectrum) do not prosper in the U.S. compared to other minority groups. IMO Latinos (including Asians, Indians and Persians) are starting to prosper here at a very rapid level. Why? Because even though many of them come from different counties, most of the work together and “look out” for one another. Most blacks don’t !!! Like the previous poster stated. “It’s easy to blame your failures on someone else.”