Australian Senator DEMOLISHED After Accusing Colleague Of “Mansplaining”

A contentious row erupted in a meeting of senators back in February in their community affairs legislation committee, when senator Katy Gallagher accused her colleague of “mainsplaining.” The video is going viral this week.

After she flippantly used the term, senator Mitch Fifield fired back:

From the Daily Mail: 

‘I love the mansplaining that’s going on,’ Senator Gallagher retorted.

‘What’s … what are you suggesting? What’s mansplaining, senator?’ Senator Fifield replied, before being given the definition.

The minister took offence with the accusation, saying he’d be judged much more harshly if the tables were reversed and he accused a woman of womansplaining.

‘I’m quite frankly appalled,’ he said.

‘Take good look at yourself – if I said to a female senator `You’re are womansplaining,’ there would be uproar. Stop being a hypocrite.’

Senator Gallagher tried to have the last word, however.

‘I’m not the one having a breakdown over this,’ she said.


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