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by Brian Nichols

Each year, we celebrate various occasions. Anniversaries, holidays, milestones… and yes; Birthdays.

November 18 happens to be one special birthday for those of us at The Libertarian Republic:

Our Editor in Chief: Josh Guckert.

To celebrate his birthday, let’s take a travel back in time to rank the Top 5 Articles that Josh has published during his time here at The Libertarian Republic:

5. Dear Conservatives: At Least Be Intellectually Honest About Trump Riots

In an not-so-past article, Josh addressed the protests that have broken out across the United States in response to a Trump victory over Clinton and the manner in which many conservatives have reacted to said protests:

“…These protests are, generally speaking, the work of younger and more enthusiastic people. This can even be seen historically with the Civil Rights Era and the anti-Vietnam War movement. While certainly not impossible, the thought of adults in their late 30s and older taking to the streets in the same manner and with the same passion seems far-fetched at best.

Even for the few urban and young Republican supporters, they are likely cognizant of just how underrepresented their demographics are in their select areas, thus discouraging any similar kind of demonstration (let alone the serious challenge of going out and finding these other few like-minded persons).”

An intellectually sound and concise article from Josh.