A Short Guide on How to Make Well Written Political Science Assignment


This guide offers assignment help as you follow a standard in political science writing. First, understand the basics of political science and what it is all about. Political scientists study struggles and come up with theories of how politics is involved concerning them. Political science is diverse in nature but it with diverse problems while analyzing them and coming up with explanations.  It comes up with relations between underlying political conditions and events. Most importantly a political science assignment is expected to be free from bias but precise with evidence. 

Major sub-fields in political science include

  1. Political behavior and institutions.
  2. Comparative politics, comparing different political systems across different geographical regions.
  3. Investigates the international relationship between the state and activities of international actors such as NGOs or terrorist activities and international organizations such as the World Bank or the UN.
  4. Analyzes political theory fundamental to the concept of power, political foundation, and democracy.
  5. Ways that scientists investigate and raise questions through political methodology.
  6. Examine ways and the processes of public policy the government uses to make public decisions.
  7. Studies public administration, including ways in which the government uses to implement policies.
  8. Focus on the political process in public laws in connection with the courts and the law.

What is good writing in political science?

Clarity with concessions is valued in political science. The common kinds of political science writing include theory paper or the research paper. Understanding the writing task assigned is the first step to writing a good paper.

Research papers in political science

Research paper assignments are meant to assess your ability to understand a problem and make a persuasive argument while developing a perspective on the problem. A political research paper should include the following

  1. Introduction – Give the reader basic background information as to why your investigations are important and interesting.
  2. Problem statement – provide a statement on the problem your paper is based on. This can also focus on the hypothesis you want to consider.
  3. The methodology of discussion – you explain to the reader the problem statement or hypothesis you have developed. Explain the research methods or investigations used. Also, combine different methodological approaches.
  4. Literature review –literature review means seeking information from other writers on the same topic, read and analyze them. This is important because it ensures you do not repeat what is already there. Refer to the other researchers and their outcomes to come up with significant research results which will enable readers to see the perspective of your argument.
  5. Evaluations and descriptions of research findings – after writing a literature review easily supports your argument based on your findings.
  6. The summary – repeat the significance of your research, the findings and finally speculate on the future based on your research.

Writing political science theory assignment

Political theory does not necessarily cover any of the fields in political science. Its main objective is to come up with historical and normative analysis. This assignment primarily focuses on how political ideas, develop over time and debating on how things should be. The political theory defines democracy, but by different measurements. The theory comes up with definitions of democracy in light to reflect their political ideals. For example, a theory can come up with an argument on ways citizenship is defined in a democratic society. In order to come up with a substantial argument, you need to

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  1. Maintain the logical consistency of ideas.
  2. Compare arguments from other theorists to support your own argument.
  3. The conclusion should lead to your original assumption.

Your argument should be done to demonstrate considered arguments by other theorists on the issue. Raise concerns or criticize to make your own point of view visible.

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