7 Rideshare Safety Tips Every Ride Sharer Should Know

Whether you live in a city, in the suburbs or in a rural region, the cost of gas has gone sky-high even with recent drops in prices. Consequently, a greater number of people than ever before are seeking rideshares to cut the cost to some degree. Most of the time it is a safe venture but there are times when you should be aware of the risks involved, especially when getting into someone’s car for the first time. The opposite also holds true when you are the driver. Do you know that person you are sharing your vehicle with? Here are some safety tips to keep you both/all safe on the journey.

1. Drivers Run Your Vehicle through a Safety Check

Not only should you be concerned with your own safety when behind the wheel but you should also be concerned with the wellbeing of your passenger/s. Make sure to run your vehicle through a safety inspection at least every time you have the fluids changed and no less than once or twice annually. Brakes, transmissions, axles and so forth are vital to driving safety.

2. Riders Check Insurance Papers, License and Vehicle Registration

As a rider it is up to you to check the driver’s license, insurance card and/or policy as well as to make sure the vehicle registration is up to date. You may want to keep a copy of each of these on file at home so that in the event of any mishaps, the information you (or a family member!) needs is close at hand.

3. The Importance of Knowing Where You Are Going

Not all rideshares take passengers to and from work. Sometimes rideshares are found to take you shopping, to a doctor’s appointment or even to a Medical Marijuana Clinic you find on a site like www.dispensaries.com. Always know where you are going as the driver or the passenger because your safety could be at risk. If you are led astray anything can happen in a remote location with no one the wiser. Besides, knowing where you are going saves much time and money.

4. Would a Rideshare Company Be Safer?

Companies like Uber do all the above for you so sometimes it is the safest alternative if you can’t find a friend or a friend of a friend who can safely transport you to and from your destination. Uber costs about 40% less than conventional taxi services, is a lot more efficient than city transportation on buses and you can track the whereabouts of your driver en route with their phone app. Some people feel more comfortable going through a rideshare company.

5. Drivers Check Identification of Your Riders

Just as a rider should get copies of the driver’s pertinent papers and documents, so too should the driver. Leave copies at home as well so that they can be referenced should the need arise. You can never be too safe when it comes to allowing a stranger access to your vehicle.

6. Riders Should Ask to See the Driver’s MVR

Although there is a cost involved, a driver would be best served to have a copy of his or her MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) on hand. If the driver or the car has been involved in any at-fault accidents the rider would surely want to know! Riders, always ask for a driving history before setting foot in that vehicle.

7. Both Should Leave Details with a Safe Third Party

It can’t be reiterated enough just how important it is to leave information on the other party with a family member or friend. In the event of an accident or some other danger to either party, at least someone else knows who you are with and where you were supposed to be going. That person should also have all the pertinent information on the vehicle such as the tag number and should have a general idea of your ETA so as not to worry or to check if you are late.

These tips are intended to keep both the passenger and the driver safe from any unexpected mishaps. We live in a world where the only thing you can expect is the unexpected, so prepare for the worst and hope for the best.


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