Women CEOs Make More Money Than Men on Average

By Julie Borowski


As of right now, 21 out of 22 female CEOs on the Standard & Poor’s 500 have reported their income. They were paid an average of $18.8 million during their latest fiscal years. Male CEOs on the list, on the other hand, were paid an average of $12.7 million for the same period. A $6.1 million difference.

USA TODAY reports:

The highest paid female CEO appeared toward the end of the filing reporting season – late Wednesday to be exact. Yahoo CEO Mayer’s $42 million paycheck ranks her seventh among the most highly paid current CEOs of the year, just behind Philippe Dauman, CEO of Viacom (VIAB)with a total reported pay package worth $44.3 million. Until Mayer’s 69% raise in 2014, the highest paid current female CEO was Catz and the highest paid current female CEO who was also CEO in the latest fiscal year was Hewson.

To be fair, there are far more male CEOs than women on the list.

However, this goes against what we normally hear about the gender pay gap. We’re told by feminists that women make less than men for the exact same jobs. How many times have you heard, “women make 77 cents for every dollar men make!”

What they aren’t telling you is that oft-repeated stat doesn’t compare men and women in the same field. It’s just comparing the median wages of both genders. Yeah, the average woman makes less than the average man but there are countless variables than go into that. Such as, college major, hours worked per week, occupational hazards, employment history, and so on.

Of course, the CEO pay stat is also comparing the average wages of men and women. It just so happens that it worked in the other direction.  You can do all kinds of funny things with stats to confirm a bias.

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