U.S. Government Preparing For Possible Food Stamp Riots

 The Government Giveth, And the Government Taketh Away

Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto reported that the government is spending $80 million dollars preparing its defenses for possible violence if American citizens riot on November 1st, due to food stamp decreases.

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TeaParty.net Chief Strategist Niger Innis claims that this isn’t surprising considering what happened in Greece. “When 50 million people are on food stamps then you have a situation where it’s obvious that what government can give to you, government can take away,” he said.

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Cavuto countered that people won’t be stripped, just facing reductions. He asked if people should really expect riots over something like this. Innis responds that people need to get off the food stamps if they are going to be in a better economic situation to reduce the chances for violence.

The Editor of The Libertarian Republic addressed this issue here:

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