Radio Host: Ebola Will Cleanse The “Atheists, Gays and Sluts.” Claims That Obama Will Spread It To Declare Martial Law

Posted by Austin Petersen • 11 Aug 2014

Rick Wiles announced on his Christian talk show program that, “Ebola could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography, and abortion.”

Wiles, host of the “Trunews” show seemed enthusiastic about the outbreak and the potential for it to kill the groups of people he despises. “It may be the great attitude adjustment that I believe is coming,” he said.

Wiles is also on the record for claiming that President Obama may intentionally spread the disease so that he can have the power to declare martial law. He believes that this is the opportunity the president has been looking for in order to throw people into FEMA camps.

“If Ebola becomes a global plague, you better make sure the blood of Jesus is upon you, you better make sure you have been marked by the angels so that you are protected by God,” Wiles ranted. “If not, you may be a candidate to meet the Grim Reaper.”


  • Terry Doyle

    I’m down with sharing blood and other bodily fluids with Jesus. Just hope he wasn’t off ministering to the poor people of West Africa recently.

  • RCD

    In all seriousness, how is one “marked by the angels” so that diseases like Ebola will pass by you? Christians only, please, no atheists or skeptics needed for this one.

  • danakincaid

    Oh here’s a good one. “…without Christianity much of the knowledge from the Roman Empire would have been lost in the Dark Ages”.

    And who brought about the Dark Ages, hmmm? Who sacked Constantinople? Who was in charge of Rome when the “barbarians” came to visit? CHRISTIANS!

    Christians and their crusades against muslims. Christians and their wars against other Christians. Christians persecuting scientists. Christians burning old ladies at the stake as witches.

  • danakincaid

    Oh yes, spread the Fear. That’s a tried and true means of control, isn’t it?

  • Stephanie C. Bois

    Who listens to this garbage? Why is this person on air? Holy shit.

  • Ianmacfarlane

    More proof that religion makes you weird.

    • http://facebook.com/adamjonesii Adam Jones Jr.

      your pic proves that people who think religion makes you weird makes your weird. that sentence is equally useless.

  • Phil Cole

    To all the people asking what harm comes from religion this guy is your clear answer. If that “blood of christ” is from an ebola victim you are looking at 40% or worse to survive.

  • htomc42

    Yeah, because the ‘blood of jesus’ is so incredibly good at prevent other types of diseases, right….?

  • Senior Harris

    Fred Phelps dies and now we have this guy. Awesome.

    • wilder125

      No, Phelps would wait until after it hit and then protest the funerals

  • Cabinet-guy

    If there is a god, she would use this disease to rid the world of stupid radio talk-show hosts.

  • Convergence87


    • wilder125

      No just him

  • mike hunt

    this is the type of christian i’m gonna feed to my pet lions when i’m elected president in 2020

    he forgets that JESUS LOVED EVERYONE!!

  • Rocky Bixby

    These are the same people that call other religions nuts?

  • Altitude5280

    >>>“If Ebola becomes a global plague, you better make sure the blood of Jesus is upon you…<<<

    Just get some Tide Stain Eraser. Will get it right out.

  • Albert Gump Kaye

    Christ healed lepers, todays right wing would show their love by killing them.

    • Chap Widdershins

      I’ll bet you haven’t truly studied 1/100 of the religion you purport to believe in. I’ve met very few who have.

      • wilder125

        He did say “what Christ was about” not what everything else in the bible tended to involve

        • Chap Widdershins

          Sadly no one today cares or even will ever really know what “Christ was about” The bible has been bastardized beyond anything that it might originally have been through mistranslation and good old fashion humanities need to warp a good word to manipulate people into their control.

  • tridus

    As an Atheist, I read this stuff and just feel bad for Christians. I know lots of them, good folks. Not sure what they did to deserve a moron like this making them look bad.

    • clarknt67

      Stayed silent.

  • NextChapter

    The Obama Derangement Syndrome is alive and well in this one!

  • http://www.movies-suck.com/ Wastrel Way

    If Obama was really the person Wiles says he is, Obama would have him taken out and shot. Wiles is a liar or he’s insane.

    • Chap Widdershins

      Explain and expand your position.

      • MellorSJ

        Kindly say please.


        • Chap Widdershins

          What if I were to say: “Kindly (sigh,please) explain and expand your position.” I find that that is polite enough. Also Also as a sign of good faith I would like to know that you don’t mind If I pretend that you wrote: “If Obama were really the person Wiles says he is, Obama would have him taken out and shot. Wiles is either a liar, insane or both.” Not that big a change but it just hits my (inner? not the anatomical version) ear better.

      • clarknt67

        It is obvious but I will expand. No true tyrant in history allowed the level of dissent Obama endures from his political enemies great and small. A true “tyrant” rounds up his enemies and shoots them. Or at least imprisons them. It is hyperbolic nonsense to call Obama a tyrant and reveals a complete lack of appreciation for history and reality.

  • http://www.google.com ab-704

    Well Rick, reality is cleansing the country of Christianity. Finally.

  • Steve Newton, CSC

    I don’t care what he calls himself–this man is not a Christian. Actually, I guess I do care what he calls himself, and he should stop!

  • DutchS

    Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

  • Adeno Sine

    Even Ebola itself knows that everyone is fair game and it happily infects everyone within contact.

  • ammochief2

    Ah yes, another totally farking idiot. If his theory holds any water then during the Black Plague, of the Middle Ages, and the Influenza Epidemic, of the early 1900s, Christians were immune and only non-Christians died. Hmmm, Nope that didn’t happen, did it??

  • Joe Fish

    You have got to be kidding me. You are either so brainwashed by your “bible” or you are mind numbingly retarded, or you are trolling the right wing for cash and / or attention. Either way, that has to be beyond a doubt, most insane load of horseshit i have ever heard in my 47 years of life. You sir, take the cake. If there was a prize for the most idiotic and moronic thing ever uttered, you would win, hands down. Were your mother and father brother and sister? One has to wonder if that actually happened. Stop speaking, the collective IQ of everyone just went down 40 points from your moronic and trolltastic ranting.

  • Timetravel

    I fell sorry for his followers and listeners. What a bigot

  • Jeanne Agusto-Paul

    i’m a born again christian and the god that loves me loves all he does not hate like christians today honestly i am about ashamed to call myself a christian in fear people look at me like this nut tool

    • Ron Johnson

      The road to hell is broad, the road to heaven is narrow. Keep your true faith and know that there is good evidence/reason supporting the Bible and the resurrection of Christ. There will come a time where people will think they’re doing God a favor by killing us. Stay strong and no matter what, do not deny Him before men.

      • Chap Widdershins

        And yet he was first and foremost a man. People always forget this.

        • Ron Johnson

          He claimed to share a divine status with the Father while he was alive. The “I am” statements in the book of John especially. “Before Abraham was, I AM” (that’s John 8:58, a big one) a clear reference to Exodus 3:14, He knew the Jews would know what He meant and it was immediately after He said that that they wanted to stone Him. Blasphemy! He heals the blind man then teaches “I am the light”, feeds the 5000 “I am the bread of life”, raises Lazarus “I am the resurrection and the life”, etc. In other places: “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father”. I could go on. Jesus identified Himself with deity. Now if you think it’s all nonsense (man-made religion) and you’re looking at it from that perspective, I get it. Don’t agree, but I definitely get it. But if you’re trying to tell me about the Bible, I’ve got a Master’s degree in Theology that took me 6 years to get. Doesn’t mean I’m right but I’ve probably forgotten more about the Bible than you know. I know that sound arrogant like I’m trying to lift myself up somehow. I don’t mean to do that, I’m willing to learn from anybody, but your tone in that last line deserved a little rebuke. You know nothing Jon Snow;

          • Ron Johnson

            Thomas bowed before Him and said my Lord and my God! Jesus didn’t rebuke him. Our “faith” didn’t rise Him from the dead. Get your stuff together before you talk to me about religion.

          • Chap Widdershins

            Okay, you have a Master in Theology. How much does that cover? Mostly the Semitic religions? 3 faiths but one god as the secular among us are known to say. I may not be as well versed as you in some aspects but I consider theology a serious hobby of mine and have read everything from the Masoretic text to the Yasna and I just do it cause I am easily bored by most things. I really didn’t mean to be such a dick in that last post though. It was unnecessary to say the least.

            • Ron Johnson

              Actually it was fairly broad. The college I went to for the B.A. had recently been accredited with the state of R.I. and added a bunch of stuff. In one of my classes I wrote, directed and starred (don’t you love Christian humility?) in A Tale of Two Cities just to give you an idea of the scope. I will admit the main thrust is the Bible but the Master’s course broadened it even more. And when it comes to going overboard and saying your piece in a way that comes across as disrespectful/angry, man…I’m the king of that. That’s my weakness.

              • Chap Widdershins

                Okay you win this round (rightly so) I shouldn’t drink and post as I come across angry. Especially with things pertain to religion seeing as I tend to think that, all things considered it seems to cause more problems than it solves. I won’t respond to your last post as I think I’ve explained enough. but I am curious as to what attracted you to study theology so extensively. I’m also curious if you were able to find employment in that field (academia, writing, etc.) Theology or philosophy is something I’ve wanted to get formal, structured education in but I can’t justify the student loans. Hell these days with the way the curren administration is talking I’m worried that I made a bad decision getting my AA and PA degrees.

                • Ron Johnson

                  Gave a long reply, might not be approved. Waiting..

                  • Chap Widdershins

                    That’s fine, I’d give out an email but I think I’d get a lot of hate mail…

                    • Ron Johnson

                      Basically, to my satisfaction (not anyone else’s) I believe God has shown Himself to me. That’s why I got into it, I see Christ’s sacrifice as being key. Every other religion seems to be “God where are you”, or earning God’s favor somehow. The idea that God is seeking us (Adam, where are you) and only His sacrifice will appease somehow rang true. Abel’s sacrifice of a lamb was accepted (blood), Cain’s fruit/vegetables were not (man’s labor). Isaac carrying the wood of his own sacrifice (remind you of anyone?) etc. Theologians call this the scarlet thread of redemption that runs through the O.T. I don’t understand how macro-evolution (molecule to man) explains self-awareness or the deep existential angst we feel. We have a strong sense of morality (you’ll feel it if somebody robs from you, even if you don’t when you do it, lol) that is more than a collective survival instinct. If a lion kills another lion due to competition for land/food/mate we go “cool nature video!”, if a man does it we toss him in jail. The outrage over Hitler, pedophiles, etc. points to these things as being Wrong (note the cap).

                    • Ron Johnson

                      Lol, they’re delaying even short responses now, might be how often you post?

                    • Chap Widdershins

                      Could be. I really don’t post often enough to test out the theory. I may give it a try though.

              • Chap Widdershins

                I wasn’t able to reply to your most recent post but I have to say I
                certainly enjoyed reading it. I have always found myself incapable of
                faith. You may find this to be a form of arrogance but trust me I would
                like nothing more than to believe in something. I simply have always
                been too analytical for my own good. It’s never made me happy and the
                closest thing I’ve ever seen of a “good side of humanity is my work with
                Doctors Without Borders in Haiti after the 2010

                earthquake which in the 3 months I spent there was where I simultaneously saw both the best and worst sides of humanity. The only reason I mention it was you mentioned your teaching in the religious college in Zimbabwe and how it wasn’t very lucrative. This resonated with me because I’ve found that the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life were either poorly paid or purely volunteer work. Also you mentioned experiences that you can’t get any where else and that speaks for itself. I have a new found respect for you that puts you far above “random internet denizen.” Also regarding Israel it truly is an amazing place and although I hear many peoples reasons I truly can’t understand some folks rational for begrudging the Israelis that small spot of land that is surrounded by hostile neighbors who want nothing more than to see them slaughtered. The Palestinians would be welcome in most of the middle east but the Jewish people? Well historically the world has not been so kind to them. They may be God’s chosen people but in Exodus 19:5 (yeah, I had to look it up) “Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar
                treasure unto me above all people, for all the earth is mine.” I take that to mean that the Jews had a unique covenant w/ God and this made them precious above all men. That matches up with many of the passages in Deuteronomy if I recall correctly. Why they suffer pogrom after pogrom is a mystery but many things are and always will be. Anyway apropos of nothing I have 3 freshly broken ribs from a misguided attempt to patch a portion of my parents roof so I’m gonna call it a night and the pain medicine has probably;y made the above statements less than coherent. Anyway, I must say, thanks for responding to my question as to why you decided to take your particular life path so to speak.

            • Ron Johnson

              Just to show you my knowledge of Gandhi, for instance…As you know he walked barefoot most of the time, leading to impressive callouses. He also ate very little, making him frail, and his odd diet led to bad breath. This made him of course a super callous fragile mystic hexed by halitosis. Sorry.

              • Chap Widdershins

                That’s one of my favorites!

      • wilder125

        The topic at hand however is “Radio Show Host thinks ebola is a holy cleanse”

        • Ron Johnson

          Sorry, more of a personal response to Jeanne. Kind of obvious actually. How many comments in this thread are dealing specifically with the headline? 50%?

          • wilder125

            probably worse than that lol

      • occams_beard_trimmer

        Both roads are fiction.

        /I deny ‘him’.

    • Albert Gump Kaye

      Love cures ALL. You’re doing fine kiddo.

      • Chap Widdershins

        She’s only doing fine because she’s beginning to see the fallacy in the belief system she’s had drilled into her head. It is sure a cozier life to believe in things but when all is said and done if one is a thinking person there are certain questions you simply can’t ignore. These are the big ones that the parables and scripture can’t answer nor can any man or woman of the cloth. It’s a horrible way I live but I can’t ignore my doubts that stem from the lack of quantifiable data and more importantly the data that stares me in the face every day.

      • occams_beard_trimmer

        Love wont cure Ebola.

        /But feel free to try it.

  • http://cynicalinny.blogspot.com/ Cynic in New York

    Breaking News: Conservative Statist Bible Thumper says something moronic, Film at 11

  • dozr

    these fuckers are crazy

    • wilder125

      Just him

      • dozr

        im sure there are plenty of people that agree with him… they are crazy fucks too.

      • clarknt67

        And his entire congregation.

  • lukeweyland

    This nutter is to Christianity as the IS is to Islam.

    • jodeo

      Nutjob, yes. He isn’t beheading kids or forcing non-Christians to convert or die. But he has no idea what he’s preaching — at least, it’s not from the Christian scriptures.

      • Evilbeagle

        He would if he thought he could get a way with it.

      • http://www.Xenu.net/ simkatu

        He’s not doing it himself, but he’s hoping, begging, and praying for death and destruction of his enemies.

    • Chap Widdershins

      Although I think I agree with your overall sentiment your statement absolutely no sense at all. I mean what does ” the IS is to Islam” possibly mean? You sound like an idiot. Quit trying to be clever. You may trick your congregation into believing it but you already know they’ll believe in anything.

      • Ryan H

        He’s probably referring to the ISIS (ISIL) group currently operating in Iraq. Which has kind of been in the news a bit lately. It refers to a group wanting to establish an islamic state (IS). So, perhaps instead of being an ass, asking a question like an adult would have probably been better, because you actually look like the idiot.

        • Chap Widdershins

          He should be more clear and actually type out ISIS then. I haven’t got time to ask questions about what the definition of IS is. One our more beloved presidents (for some reason) used the same tactic and it worked for his hillbilly ass.

          • Travis Badjib

            Do you read? No really….Ryan there literally defined IS in his statement….

            IS – Islamic State

            So not only did LukeWeyland say exactly what he meant, he also proved that you don’t even bother to think before you speak, I mean I didn’t even have to pause to figure out what he meant by IS, I filled in the other IS because I am forced to watch the news at work, and have read up extensively on ISIS because of the clear threat it could pose to the U.S. and our allies.

            • Chap Widdershins

              Yes you are forced to watch the news and read up extensively on things that really don’t effect you and so you automatically have those facts at your disposal whereas I may have to research them a little bit. Some times I might feel the need to create a decent rebuttal but in this case I didn’t give a damn so I shot from the hip. Either way I lose nothing in the transaction. This is the internet and we are debating on it. The fact that you or I ever even make the slightest attempt to make a half hearted go at a coherent discussion puts us in the upper 90th percentile of intellects. Think about it. I promise I won’t.

              • Travis Badjib

                I can’t help you can’t be bothered to read, or think, it is not my problem, but I will point it out at every turn to try and get you to fix yourself

            • Chap Widdershins

              Wait I see your the same guy I responded to earlier today… You seem to have some kind of hard on for me and I’m not gonna go for that crap. You go go off and fume a little or a lot but don’t expect me to placate you anymore.

  • Craig Hobson

    He’s reaching Pat Robertson level crazy.

    • Chap Widdershins

      He’s much much worse. So are you for you’re intellectual dishonesty.

      • Craig Hobson

        And what was I dishonest about ? I am not a Christian and have no urge to be one. I see no difference between the worship of god or Zeus. It’s a cultural artifact that should be left to Bronze Age thinking.

        • Chap Widdershins

          I appologize. I assumed you were either a frothing at the mouth religious zealot or a frothing at the mouth atheist. Either way I would have been wrong to call that intellectual dishonesty. It would have been more akin to “lunacy.” I do like your line about religion being a cultural artifact best left to the bronze age although to be perfectly honest I think it should have been abandoned long before that.

          • Travis Badjib

            I disagree on many levels, without Christianity much of the knowledge from the Roman Empire would have been lost in the Dark Ages, there are other more obscure examples of why religion has helped our species survive and thrive(some of them are fairly inexplicable too, like in the Torah or Tonakh it says not to eat shellfish, pigs, or fish that don’t have scales, and as it turns out all these things tend to be riddled with parasites and are not very good for you, shellfish are bottom feeders and tend to have higher levels of toxins in them, pigs tend to have parasites, and scaleless fish tend to have higher toxin levels as well, and this information always left me wondering how the ancients knew these things were bad for them without modern technology to prove it).

            Plus there is nothing wrong with having hope, and ultimately that is what Modern Religion is supposed to do, give hope that when you die you won’t just be a rotting corpse in the ground, but that you will actually go somewhere and get to see your family again, and I see no reason to give into defeatism and give up on hope. But as a Christian of sorts who doesn’t rightly give a damn what other people believe because I also don’t believe that “Bible thumping” is right either, to each their own.

            • Chap Widdershins

              Actually it seems you disagree on one level, namely that religion is something that should have been abandoned long ago but people seem to say they do something on “so many levels” all the time almost as a force of habit it seems so I’ll just move along to my main reply. I may have spoken to hastily regarding the abolishment of religion. Religion does provide hope and has served as a useful guide through the ages for the things you mentioned but in my opinion the clergy has continuously warped any original goodness out of it. So o my way of thinking since religion is mans invention it will inevitably be corrupted by men whose motives are corrupt. This is human nature and as long as people are generally simple minded enough not to question why their particular faith is very similar to another except their leader tells them it is glorious to blow themselves up and kill in the name of god then I am always going to have a problem with it. So Religion, fine. Clergy and religious leaders rewriting the Abrahamic religions interpretations for their own personal gain? Absolutely not. Sorry this is not really concise but I think you’ll get the point.

      • Phobos

        What is dishonest about his statement?

        • Chap Widdershins

          Yes yes I get it, “your” is correct and I misspoke from the get go.

      • Cranky Crab


  • http://twitter.com/starwarsfan107 Hayekguy

    I don’t remember the Bible calling for genocide like this. What an idiot.

    • Cranky Crab

      Uh, which version are you reading? The OT is rife with the commands of a demented, angry and bloodthirsty god.

      • wilder125

        Ok.. point out a bearded guy with a staff that changes to a snake for me. I want to know when we have to start marking doors to keep the plague from hitting.

      • http://www.Xenu.net/ simkatu

        In the bible, after the flood, God said he would never do another mass extinction like it.

      • http://twitter.com/starwarsfan107 Hayekguy

        NT applies now and it doesn’t go all wrath on everybody who sins.

  • K.S. Thomas

    The God that loves me and whom I pray to – doesn’t subscribe to this sort of hateful thought or ‘dogma.’ Mr. Wiles needs to close his clap trap, Christians of authenticity don’t message or act with this sort of hate.

    • danakincaid

      Of course He does. Drowning an entire planet because He didn’t like what His own Creation had turned into?

      • K.S. Thomas

        Sad life you’ve got there, good luck with that.

        • Jack Lee

          The wage of sin is death. You’ve been brainwashed by the Church of Nice. There is a hell of a reckoning coming.

          • Ross Trent

            You keep telling yourself that. Pretty sad when the only recourse you have for the widespread rejection of your hateful dogma is: “Well, the world’s gonna end! And that’ll show you!”

            • Jack Lee

              Next time you put words into my mouth, make sure I actually said it.

  • Jon Milson

    its all so easy to pick on the groups that we find the least desirable but 1 mutation it gets airborne , the discrimination factor is out of the window and everyone’s at risk, including the holier than thou
    (p)rick wiles..

  • Layla Godey

    Uh-huh. And what of all the innocent children that die from it…including Christian children??? That isn’t more noble than ISIS and its beheadings. Kook.

  • Christina Mowatt

    This guy is most likely a paid troll (paid by the Rockefellers) to make Christians look evil. I notice he didn’t say anything about pedophiles because he looks like one! It would be worth looking into who funds this guy.

    • Chap Widdershins


      • Christina Mowatt

        Dumb sheep

        • Chap Widdershins

          How am I a sheep? Because i think your silly conspiracy theory is stupid? Your logic marks you as sort of a silly c*** and I may or may not mean that from the bottom of my heart.

    • wilder125

      Now there’s a stereotype. Most pedophiles don’t look like one until they’re caught. Then people start saying they always knew there was something fishy about that guy/gal, and they always thought he/she looked like a possible pedophile

      • Chap Widdershins

        She herself may be a pedophile. She may also be employed by the Rockefeller foundation or even (gasp!) the ILLUMINATI! to abduct children from playgrounds and shopping malls so they can be taken to underground lairs and brainwashed to hate Jesus for some obscure and ultimately incomprehensible reason. They probably also teach them to play Dungeons and Dragons and make them listen to Metallica as they molest them for Satan. Again this is done for “some reason.”

  • Krimsen King

    Jesus would smack that guy in the face, tell him to turn the other cheek so he could smack that one, too… good GOD where have these people’s humanity gone????

  • http://www.mikechurch.com/ pete838

    And Christians wonder why mainstream America has moved on

    • echelon

      In part I agree with you, but I would also point out that Christianity isn’t monolithic and not everyone who identifies as a Christian would count this guy in their camp…

      Unfortunately it’s people like this that are making the most noise and attracting the most attention.

      • wilder125

        Oh.. he’s in the camp. He’s the one at summer camp nobody wants to hang out with because of his hateful personality.