FreedomWorks and Young Americans for Liberty youth activists dropped by Speaker John Boehner‘s office Tuesday to register their dissapointment over the removal of Representatives Justin Amash, David Schweikert & Tim Huelskamp from their committee assignments. FW & YAL are grassroots conservative and libertarian organizations dedicated to pursuing a course of fiscal responsibility. At the protest, a representative from the Speakers office dodges questions related to the events while armed guards surround them.

Speaker John Boehner has been purging fiscal conservatives from their positions on key committees. Representatives Amash, Huelskamp & Schweikert have been serving their constituents desires to limit government and FreedomWorks & YAL activists stopped by Boehners office to register complaints over their ouster. In this video, a representative from the Speakers office refused answer our questions over why the Tea Party leaders in the House are being persecuted by the leadership.



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