Right to Bear Arms

*VIDEO* Family Fights Back! Home invaders receive swift justice

Gun FamilyA 21 year old man is a hero for saving his family with his fathers gun after three intruders broke into his home and attempted to hold his family hostage. The men burst in to the household while the family was baking a cake together on Thursday night. After pushing the father down, the would-be thieves tried to secure the mother but the brave woman resisted while her son retrieved his fathers gun.

The mother of the household exhibited unbelievable bravery in the face of the thugs who demanded she lay down while promising they would not harm her. Too many innocent victims have complied with the demands of violent thugs only to be killed later once they have secured their hostages. In a situation where your life and the lives of your family are on the line, fighting back with a deadly weapon is often the best choice for survival. The family reportedly comes from Eastern Europe. Thank goodness they now live in a country where we have a 2nd Amendment. Who knows how many lives have been saved because of the simple right to self defense that we actively encourage here in the United States?

The story is below from KHOU in Texas.