Abuse of Authority

Cop Pulls Gun On Kids Building A Tree Fort (VIDEO)

How Stupid Can You Be?

HENRY COUNTY, GA – A fifth grader was terrorized by a police officer who pulled a gun on him while he was building a tree fort.

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Omari Grant, 11, was playing with his friends and building a fort when a neighbor called in a complaint that they might be cutting trees. While the boys were playing, two officers approached them, one with his gun drawn. The cops used foul language and screamed at them to get on the ground.

“I was thinking that I don’t want to be shot today, so I just listened to what they said,” Omari said.

No arrests were made and the officer who pulled the gun on the child is still on the job, though an excessive force complaint has been filed.

Sgt. Joey Smith of the Henry County Police Department responded “If it was justified then we’ll deal with it, if it wasn’t we’ll address it as well,” said

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