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By Kody Fairfield

Since the announcement from the New York Times, that a memo existed which documents a conversation in which President Donald Trump attempted to persuade the FBI Director James Comey to drop the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, Republicans has been awfully quiet in both the defense of the President, and in speaking out against him.

This changed early Wednesday, when Congressman Justin Amash, a Republican from Michigan and critic of the President, was candid with the Hill in expressing that if the reports about the memo are true, then the situation could merit the impeachment of President Trump.

From the Hill:

Asked if the details in the memo would merit impeachment if they’re true, Amash replied: “Yes.”

“But everybody gets a fair trial in this country,” Amash added as he left a House GOP conference meeting.

The Hill’s report also covered a conversation that Amash had with another reported during which he was asked whether he trusted Comey’s word or Trump’s:

“I think it’s pretty clear I have more confidence in Director Comey.”

It should be noted that Amash is not calling for the impeachment of the President, rather he is stating that should the reports of potential obstruction of justice true, he believes that it does merit a potential impeachment process.

Amash has also explained that it is necessary for former FBI Director Comey to testify in an open session to get to the bottom of the situation.

And the liberty-republican has retweeted House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz letter to acting FBI director Sean McCabe asking for access to the memo, which would be subpoenaed if necessary.

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Kody Fairfield

Kody Fairfield, 26, hails from Orange County, California. He attended the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse pursuing his degree in Political Science and Public Administration. Kody found his passion in politics early, connecting first to our third President, Thomas Jefferson, but expanding into activism with his introduction to the Paul (Ron and Rand) family. In 2016, Kody was a delegate for the Libertarian National Convention, and helped to support Austin Petersen in his bid for the nomination. As a staunch believer in free markets, individual rights, and limited government, Kody began writing for Liberty Viral and The Libertarian Republic in 2016. In January of 2017, Kody was named the Editor-in-Chief of TLR and currently holds the Ambassador At-Large Chair for the Libertarian Party of Orange County, Ca. He believes that with the right messaging, the ideas of liberty will continue to grow. When Kody isn't politicking, he is busy managing a CrossFit gym, or spending time with family, friends and his dog.