11 Items Amazon Isn’t Taking Down With The Confederate Flag

By Blake Neff

Amazon has reacted to a surge in purchases of Confederate flags in the wake of the Charleston shooting by announcing it will yank all Confederate flag merchandise from its website. The decision came after EBay and Wal-Mart made similar decisions.

However, plenty of other items some may consider “offensive” are still easily purchased on Amazon. Take a look at a select few below:

1. The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th Century’s Greatest Fabrication

Holocaust hoax book Holocaust hoax bookHolocaust denial may be illegal in over a dozen countries, but you can still buy many different books on Amazon promoting this ahistorical attitude.

2. The flag of Apartheid-era South Africa, just like the one that was on Dylann Roof’s jacket.


Apartheid flag [PerfectFlags]Apartheid flag [PerfectFlags]3. Swastika skins for your Playstation 4.



4. An SS armband for when you cosplay as an SS stormtrooper.

Nazi armband (Screengrab)Nazi armband (Screengrab)5. A Soviet lapel pin, to show your solidarity with the proletariat and the people who killed millions of them.


Soviet pin (VeniceBee)Soviet pin (VeniceBee)6. A replica Death’s Head pin, just like the ones the SS wore while operating death camps in Poland.

Death's Head [NotB4Noon]Death’s Head [NotB4Noon]7. An iPhone case showing Piss Christ, a piece of art consisting of a crucifix in a jar of urine.

Piss Christ case [Screengrab] Piss Christ case [Screengrab]8. A trendy pewter Nazi swastika pendant.

Nazi pendant (Screengrab) Nazi pendant (Screengrab)

9. This women’s T-shirt honoring Joseph Stalin.

Stalin shirt [Miarnett]Stalin shirt [Miarnett]10. Dylann Roof’s other favorite flag, that of white supremacist Rhodesia.

Rhodesian flag [Flagline]Rhodesian flag [Flagline]11. A canvas bag celebrating China’s Cultural Revolution, which killed millions.

Cultural Revolution (travelsurf) Cultural Revolution (travelsurf)

12. This innocuous “medieval” engraved ring.

A medieval ring [Screengrab] A medieval ring [Screengrab]13. About ten thousand different Che Guevara t-shirts.

Guevara T-shirts [Che Guevara Store]Guevara T-shirts [Che Guevara Store]

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