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A heinous crime!

A Pennsylvania woman is facing murder charges and possibly the death penalty if she is found guilty for the crime of dumping her baby in a toilet after giving birth.

Amanda Catherine Hein never told anyone she was pregnant so no one thought to question why she’d be going to a bar to drink and watch WWE’s SummerSlam. According to the Daily News, she got up from the table in pain and witnesses report seeing blood trailing from her. She disappeared for a time and then returned later with bloodstains all over her, which she told people to ignore.

Hein reportedly went to the bathroom, gave birth and then wrapped the baby in plastic and put it in the toilet tank. The staff discovered it the next day and alerted the police who quickly identified her from the blood she trailed all over the bar.

Pennsylvania has a law that allows mothers to give up babies at hospitals with no questions asked. Why the woman did not take advantage of this has not been determined.


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