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WASHINGTON, D.C. While some are hesitant to subscribe to any “isms”, –Melody Hensley is a proud feminist and atheist. As the executive director of the Center for Inquiry in Washington and organizer of the Women in Secularism national conference, she finds herself defending her ideals on Twitter often. Hensley said her outspoken nature made her a target for ‘atheist misogynists and men’s rights activists‘, which culminated in one man waging a two-year hate campaign against her.

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She claims the man in question published her tweets using Storify, and after repeated harassment from a cybermob of ‘more than 400 people’, was diagnosed with PTSD by ‘a very good psychiatrist.’

For the next six months, Hensley says she was bedridden. In 2013 she tweeted, “Stressed out about leaving my house tomorrow by myself and going to unfamiliar place.” You’d think someone who was afraid of cyber stalkers attacking her IRL (“in real life”) would be less forthcoming about when they’ll be alone and out of their house.


The tweet that really stirred controversy came last Sunday, when she made a claim many are finding ignorant and egocentric, to say the least. ‘Military/ex-military combat folks: there are groups that have higher statistics of PTSD than you. You need to educate yourself.’

Hensley sent the message to her 3,195 followers on Twitter, which immediately instigated controversy. One particularly heart-wrenching response reads: ‘@MelodyHensley go get blown up and see your friends die, then you’ll understand true PTSD.’


Instead of admitting her sufferings don’t equal that of those who have seen war, she instead pushed her case that she was just as much a victim. “I don’t discount military vets’ PTSD. I care about everyone with PTSD. I want people to realize that this is not a military-only condition.”

While that last bit may be true, most can decidedly agree that Twitter users don’t have higher PTSD than combat veterans. It’s a paltry suggestion, and one that people weren’t willing to let slide. Hensley went on the defensive to defend her earlier tweet, stating, “I support vets but not when they become harassers. When they come onto Twitter & make fun of me having PTSD deny me having PTSD or threats.”

There’s a possibility that Hensley’s PTSD is being triggered by something else that she’s not ready to confront, but her admitted ‘outspokenness’ makes this unlikely. Why would she pass up an opportunity to garner more sympathy and attention?

But hey, keep your chin up Hensley. There’s gotta be someone out there who has it worse than you.


  • reverie

    What an attention whore. If Twitter caused PTSD, then get the hell off Twitter. Duh.

    • farnsworththe4th

      yeah, she seems to be waaaaayyy too active on twitter for someone who supposedly has PTSD. thats like a soldier coming home, getting diagnosed with PTSD, and then tells the world that he’s going back out on the battlefield while saying to himself ‘im so brave for doing this’

      shes a crock of shit, and i dont think ANYone who hasnt served could ever understand the severity of PTSD from a battlefield. i couldnt even begin to imagine…

  • Dustin

    I’m not so naive as to think that “getting blown up and seeing your friends die” is the only thing that can cause PTSD to any degree and I’m not even going to bother to accuse this woman of lying about having it, but specifically antagonizing a group that many Americans are fiercely sensitive about and loyal to was probably an incredibly stupid tactic as far as trying to gain support goes.

    • farnsworththe4th

      she needs to stir stuff up to play the victim card. thats all shes doing

  • fliteking

    Appears a mirror may have given her PTSD

  • Ken Lowder

    If twitter wars give her PTSD, then she needs to put down all modern things of like and move to a convent, or whatever the atheist equivalent and drop out of sight. It’s apparent that the child just can’t hang with Norman adults, so off to FEMA camp for care for her.

  • Kingdo Goodbomber

    Unplug your modem and find another way to seek attention.

    Problem solved.

  • dinkster

    Maybe they were trigger tweets

  • Ethan Gill

    All she is doing is insulting all of those, military or not, who do suffer from PTSD. She should research emotional hypochondria.

  • D_Morgan

    Ah yes there is nothing that shows more empowerment of women as equals than saying you are bedridden and have PTSD from people sending you online messages you dont have to read!

    Granted you dont have to go to war to get PTSD, it is Post Tramautic Stress, this trauma can be a bad car accident or being beaten up in an alleyway, etc. However people calling you names COULD also do this, however it doesn’t speak well of your mental state that it is so fragile that mean messages can make you hide in your house….

    • dinkster

      With a spine like her’s I’m surprised she can walk upright.

  • Dodge

    Who is this person? And why do we really care?

    • Yatol Charles

      because she’s as a massive ego and gets ptsd from trolls who disagree on her bashing

  • Ian Thompson

    Is there such a thing as Self-Inflicted PTSD?

  • Tom Casarella

    She meant P-STD from Hillary

  • jackschmdt

    Whine, whine, wine, wine!

  • duffles

    Im surprised the “well known Psychiatrist” didn’t diagnose her Borderline personality or Histrionic personality disorder. Hmmm.

    • Peter D. Blair

      Should have diagnosed her as a spotlight hungry assclown.

      • farnsworththe4th

        Dr. House? is that you?

  • Abigail Moreno

    So what I’ve gathered from this article is that this chick is getting on Twitter to complain about how Twitter gave her an STD?

  • RJohnstonAZ

    She just might have PTSD. There are degrees of problems with PTSD on a scale from 1-100. As most people have not experienced Combat, they can only judge from their own feelings. If you prick your finger with a needle & that is the worst thing that ever happened, you think a Needle is the most terrible experience in the world. Many react to needles as it it were. Then, there are many women with PTSD who have been abused by violent husbands or raped repeatedly, who have PTSD at the top end of the scale. Those women are probably just as angry with her claims…..

    IF you have seen hundreds die in combat (in the Korean War 1 out of 9 serving was killed.) More were killed in action in one year, than in the Iraq and Afghanistan combined. So she could be rated at 1 on the scale and a Korean Vet at 90+ depending on the unit they served in. Some Units never saw the enemy face to face, but still might be ten times worse than she is, others 100 times worse off…. The 5th Regimental Combat Team, was in combat 94.5 days out of each 100….

    She just needs to put HER PTSD in perspective. As a Psychologist for 44 years, know there are some, like in any profession, who are unscrupulous enough they would diagnose PTSD, to please her…..

  • Peter D. Blair

    This woman starts most of the fights she gets into online. Have you actually read some of the bullshit she posts. Bashing religion, bashing men, on other groups sites. I’d say she’s getting exactly what she deserves.

    1. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.
    2. Respect others and they’ll respect you
    3. When everyone walks away from you while you’re talking it means shut the hell up no one cares.

  • Alon Ellis Ziv

    Questions for Frau Hensley:

    1.) If you have PTSD from using Twitter, why the fuck do you still use Twitter?

    2.) And why the fuck are you identifying military personnel as a whole group, to address over personal grievances, from your (what looks like) company Twitter account?

    3.) If you need to vent your “fee-feels”, isn’t that what your therapist is for, to hear your feels in a safe place, rather than out in the open where you try to diminish and intimidate other groups with PTSD in the process?

    4.) Don’t you have a board of directors at that organization, who will stop you from being a loose emotional cannon online, on an account that lists your professional title and affiliation?

    5.) Why does this kind of baiting and trolling of service personnel feel eerily like Westboro Baptists trolling funerals?

  • Aaron

    I can’t even read this article. I just keep looking at that shit eating grin on her smug face.

  • Parker McNeil Nettles

    If you ever get real PTSD, Twitter will most likely be the last place where you want to talk about your struggles.

  • Parker McNeil Nettles

    And if you really want positive attention and a real support system, you have to turn off your goddamn computer and go do something good for someone. That’s usually how the real world does it, anyway.

  • ThePatritoteer

    What a stupid cow.

  • Earl of Sandwich

    “”When they come onto Twitter””….

    I find it hard to understand how people rationalize =

    “saying idiotic things on a platform like twitter – where you are literally instantly broadcasting to everyone on earth, who can then reply directly to whatever inanity you are responsible for – and then freaking out that *people actually respond unfavorably*!??!?*

    I mean, i appreciate that some people are idiots. But to be an idiot on a level where “Social Media causes you PTSD”… and you *keep using social media to tell everyone about your social-media-created PTSD?*

    At that point, you can’t blame outside forces for your problems anymore.