Whoopi Goldberg Tells Carly Fiorina She Can’t Be Feminist And A Pro-Life Christian

By: Laura Meyers

Recently Carly Fiorina was the special guest on The View, and Whoopi Goldberg questioned Fiorina’s competency to govern as a Christian, and suggested that she couldn’t be a feminist if she’s pro-life.

Yeah, I mean it’s not like Fiorina climbed the corporate ladder and become CEO of a fortune 100 company, was named one of Forbes’ most successful women of the year on multiple accounts, and sits as the chairwoman of one of the most successful charities in the world. No, she knows nothing about feminism. You’re right.

When Fiorina disagreed with the claim, Whoopi asked “Are you going to run as a person who’s going to govern for everyone, or are you running on your Christian beliefs?”

Side note: why does being pro-life necessarily correlate with some religious conviction? The fact is, it doesn’t. 

You keep generalizing, Whoopi, and its ticking me off.

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She continued, “Because you said some wonderful things and it made me beg the question…if you feel that women should have the choices…why do you think choice is not a good thing?”

Fiorina then responded with, “Abortion is obviously a very delicate subject. I happen to believe that science is proving us right. The DNA in a zygote is the same as the DNA the day you die, we do have common ground on this issue now. The majority of women, the majority of young people, the majority of Americans now think that late-term abortion for any reason at all is a problem. So what I say is, let’s go find that common ground.”

Fiorina has been pushing for Republicans to “redefine the definition of feminism.”

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And earlier in the interview Carly had said “a feminist is any woman who lives the life she chooses, I make no value judgments on the kind of life a woman lives as long as she chooses her life, and somebody isn’t choosing it for her — or she’s being denied something because of her gender.”

That would, I assume, also being denied the right to life in the very first place.