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By: Laura Meyers

White people are crazy.

Dr. (and I use that title lightly) Adam Kotsko, a professor at Shimer College in Chicago, Illinois, thinks that all white people have been “complicit” in slavery, and should therefore “commit mass suicide” as reparation.


He also continues to suggest that white people only exist in order to “subordinate and exploit other races.”


When the people of Twitter suggested that he be the first one to take the sacrifice, he didn’t have very many intellectual comebacks left.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 1.51.03 PM

 “Go to college and get an education!” they said. “You’ll be so smart when you’ve graduated!” they said. 

  • Richardrnc

    He is trying to walk back his comments as sarcasm now. White guilt much?

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  • archangel689

    This guy was being sarcastic apparently, judging by his blog. He has a very weird view of morality.

    His blog is a bunch of gainsaying.

    Let’s see what he has to say about libertarians:
    “Many who embrace libertarianism and other right-wing ideas, it seems to me, never outgrew that adolescent attitude. For lack of opportunity — or simply through rationalized laziness, because our society socializes young men to believe that their genius is more clearly displayed the less work they have to do — they have stayed within the narrow explanatory circle provided by right-wing media and have chosen to interpret its self-enclosure as elitism rather than close-mindedness.”

  • Godblessamerica

    He needs to prove his statement and off himself

  • l.carp1978

    Many blacks owned and sold slaves during that aweful era also, I take it he also thinks they should commit mass suicide too, hummm… When the butt head goes first then maybe just maybe no-one will follow the idiot… Dang some of the people in the US education system really amaze me…

  • Tom Paine

    This “Dr.” displays typical Jewish hypocrisy. I could make a better argument for all Jews to suicide based on the misery and deaths they and their bogus philosophies have caused down through the ages (Communism for example. At least 200 million deaths and counting). He overlooks the more than significant role Jews have played historically in the business of slavery. Not only were they major players in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, their involvement in this “business” can be seen down through antiquity. Off subject, the author should consider getting a “pen” name. The surname “Meyers” has been suborned by the Jews. Unless she wants to experience guilt by wrongful association that is.

    • mrtapeguy

      First of all, how do you know he’s Jewish and second, what does that have to do with anything?

      You’re allegations have zero basis in fact. Stop reading Farrakhan’s books and get a life. You’re obviously an anti-Jewish bigot and your comments have zero credibility.

  • scpaulbot

    But…but I’m Irish. My ancestors Were slaves. WTF should I do?

  • ScepticofKnowledgeReasonBelief

    Professor Kotsko makes the simple mistake to assume that all white people and only white were slave holders, that we are all guilty, and that possibly no people of any other race ever enslaved anyone. The truth is obvious: Slave holders were to be found among all races, colors, creeds, nationalities, etc. Another truth that’s obvious to any student of history: whites, blacks, arabs, jews, chinese, japanese, indian indians, american indians, mexicans, mayans, incas, europeans, eastern europeans, were at one time or another enslaved, and this was mostly done by slaver holders of their own kind. More obvious and inconvenient truths: the Nazis in Germany enslaved, attacked, murdered their own people, in addition to all the jewish, gypsy, unwanteds, gays, communists, christians etc. which they simply considered as enemy of the state. The communist russians killed millions of their own people, both in war, and in purges, as enemies of the state. Same with the chinese communists, same with the japanese empire, the ancient empires of Egypt, Greece, Rome. On and on.

    Yet none of this makes “every person” in any of these eras, in any of these countries guilty of anything. To make it clear to you: The guilty ones are guilty, the innocent ones are innocent. I agree, it is difficult to find out who is guilty, and who is innocent. But if “justice is fairness”, then may be it’s worthwhile to do the difficult task of determining who is who, and who is what.

    Using a “blanket accusation” of “everyone is guilty”, that smacks of “catholic theology, stalinistic show trials, the ever reliable evil of the Nazis, the nature of ISIS, the buhavior of certain US courts, etc.” Why in the world would a professor of English and Theology like you come up with such crazy ideas?

    Does this just prove what I long suspected, i.e. that too much theology makes people slightly unstable to the point of going nuts?

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