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By Grant M. Deltz

Following MSNBC’s teasing of releasing President Trump’s 2005 tax returns tonight, The White House beat them to the punch.

On Trump’s 1040 form, he reported making $150 million in income and $38 million paid in taxes.

In a statement originally tweeted by Jim Acosta, The White House claimed MSNBC was desperate for ratings and violated the law. See below.

  • TWF

    I’m sure the ctrl-left will scream how he didn’t pay his Fair Share™ but I love that he just cut Madcow off at the knees.

  • Dick Swordson

    Well good for him. Way to obey the law. Now let’s have a look at those line items and see if we can spot the cyrillic. If that checks out, then maybe we can agree that at least our current president isn’t some money-grubbing shill for the Ruskies. Instead we can agree that he’s still a mentally unstable narcissist that still has no idea how to run a country.

  • Doug

    He leaked his own tax return to act as a smoke screen so the media doesn’t focus on the Trumpcare that is a joke or the false accusations about wire tapping. Have you noticed, nothing more from him about the accusations? Why? Because his election should be thrown out and an investigation would overturn his election