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 By Kody Fairfield

Evidently actor Alec Baldwin managed to trigger something in the pigeon-esque brain Infowars patriarch Alex Jones, as the conspiracy theorist took to his program to threaten the actor, unleashing a screaming tirade before cutting to break.

Jones, during his tirade, challenged Baldwin, a comedy actor on “Saturday Night Live,” to a “bare knuckle” fist fight for one million dollars, which would then go to charity.

Jones also made sure to put Baldwin in his place calling the actor a “coward,” and a “bully.”

At one point, the conspiracy theorist became so irate that he began screaming into his microphone saying, “I hate you…and my listeners hate you. You remember that you scumbag, forever!” After a couple seconds of creepy cackling, Jones let out his signature fearmongering phrase, screaming “we’re gonna defeat this anti-human scum, we’re gonna wreck their world!”


The reaction by Jones, though not shocking, has left many to wonder just exactly what about the SNL skit set him off on his tantrum against Baldwin. Well, apparently all it takes is to poke fun at Jones’ conspiracy ideas.


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Kody Fairfield

Kody Fairfield, 26, hails from Orange County, California. He attended the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse pursuing his degree in Political Science and Public Administration. Kody found his passion in politics early, connecting first to our third President, Thomas Jefferson, but expanding into activism with his introduction to the Paul (Ron and Rand) family. In 2016, Kody was a delegate for the Libertarian National Convention, and helped to support Austin Petersen in his bid for the nomination. As a staunch believer in free markets, individual rights, and limited government, Kody began writing for Liberty Viral and The Libertarian Republic in 2016. In January of 2017, Kody was named the Editor-in-Chief of TLR and currently holds the Ambassador At-Large Chair for the Libertarian Party of Orange County, Ca. He believes that with the right messaging, the ideas of liberty will continue to grow. When Kody isn't politicking, he is busy managing a CrossFit gym, or spending time with family, friends and his dog.

  • Madfoot713

    Thin-skinned? Look at the fake SJW libertarian who thinks arbitrary accusations of racism are justified.

  • Magnus1984

    This idiot continues to ask “what am I supposed to do…?” in response to what he believes are false statements made by others designed to paint him in a racist light. How about debate the facts (i.e., view tapes of your previous broadcasts and debate your statements and language). How about instead of invoking the name of Jesus to give you patience in regards to this issue, you ask the Lord to offer you guidance in regards to why you feel the way you do about people who aren’t caucasian. How about… before you open your mouth and threaten another human being with violence, i.e., the challenges to bare-knuckle matches, you ask yourself what would Jesus do?

  • Theodore Rex

    I hope Baldwin is stupid enough to take the challenge…he’s a big P*$$Y that needs to get face kicked into his A$$! I’d pay MONEY to see Alex draw blood!