Trump Supporters Not Welcome in Elite NY Republican Club


By Kody Fairfield

Allan Stevo

Allan Stevo, a former board member of the Metropolitan Republican Club in New York, told the Libertarian Republic (TLR) that he and other board members were booted after they voiced their support for President Donald Trump.

In Stevo’s conversation with TLR, he mentioned that there had been little calm inside the elite political club since business man Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring. However, when the election was finally over, and the dust settled showing the Trump had taken the White House, the anti-trump establishment decided to purge their club of any reminence or support for the President.

“They hate Donald Trump, and they were really pissed when he won,” said Sandra Chase, an expelled executive board member, to the New York Post (NYP).

Stevo, explained to TLR, that Club President Debbie Coughlin, former club President Peter Hein, Bob Morgan III and Ian Reilly we all involved in purging the Trump supporters from the club, comparing their actions to that of authoritative regimes. Not far off from Soviet Russia.

Unfortunately, the censoring of political opinion, withing the GOP, wasn’t the only questionable action taken to oust the Trump supporters, Stevo told TLR  that he believes the establishment group violate the organization’s longstanding  bylaws.

In fact, the failure to follow the bylaws, may be what allowed the committee to force out those they disagreed with.

Chase told NYP she believed the same. “The purge was enabled by violations of the club’s bylaws, including failing to give 30 days’ written notice to members marked for removal.”

Stevo also explained that he was shocked to see that a security guard was there to remove the member from the building.

“He was there to be a show of force and intimidation,” he said.

During the primary campaign, Coughlin, Reilly and Morgan gave then-Trump rival Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife, Heidi, the “keys to the club,” said Michael Javelos to the NYP.

Stevo, highlighted the worry around the comments made by Javelos, saying that many inside the club believe it was being used to back a specific candidate, rather than the GOP as a whole.

“I was frustrated by how many people were ‘Never Trump’ on the board of the club,” he said to the NYP. “The general membership was a different story. There were ardent Trump supporters.”

In the end, 5 board members were removed from the club, Stevo, Javelos, Georgia Palmieri, Alain Palmieri and Chase. Stevo, told TLR  that the removal of Georgia had been the most shocking since she had a long history with the club, having been on the committee since 1998.

The Metropolitan Republican Club, also known as “The Met,” is located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, it is self described as a clubhouse built in 1930. It includes a varied and enthusiastic group with the common goal of supporting New York City Republican candidates and ideals. It explains that it has been a meeting place and campaign headquarters for virtually every Manhattan Republican elected to office since that time.

Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York Rudolph (Rudy) Giuliani, and former President Richard Nixon, were a few of the high profile members in the clubs history.

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