Pizza Guy Blasts Robbers With His Handgun!

Pizza Pie With Extra Lead

A gang of would-be robbers attacked a pizza delivery dude in Buffalo, New York but got more than they bargained for when the pizza paisan turned out to packing more than just a pepperoni pie.

Just before 10:30 p.m. on Monday, robbers attacked the pizza guy while wearing masks and wielding a hammer and their own gun. One thug hit the deliveryman with his hammer as another drew his sidearm, according to the authorities.

But today was not their day.

The pizza guy quickly pulled his own handgun and blasted the thieves, hitting the masked man while the other robbers scattered. DeJuan Coleman was captured by police and is currently in fair condition, recovering from his gunshot wounds. He will be charged with first-degree robbery.

The pizza delivery guy reportedly was treated for minor cuts and bruises as well as a slight injury to his left hand.



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