Man Responsible for Obama’s Peace Prize Removed in “Unprecedented” Decision

Thorbjoern Jagland,  the chair of Norway’s Nobel Peace Prize committee, has been removed from his post amid allegations of dissatisfaction with the decisions made during his six-year leadership, according to a local report.  Despite murmurs of internal unrest, Jagland’s replacement Kaci Kullmann Five publicly stated that there was “broad agreement” as to the high quality of Jagland’s time as chairman.

Still, the choice to actively remove a current chairman, seemingly against his will, has been called nothing short of “unprecedented.”  Indeed, such a thing has never been done before in the award’s 114-year history.  The Associated Press reported that Jagland was indeed called a “contentious” leader not just because of his decision to give a certain war waging president the Peace Prize, but also due to his awarding of the 2010 prize to Liu Xiabo, an imprisoned Chinese dissident.  That latter move, unsurprisingly, drew the ire of China.

There are some reports claiming that the possible internal motivation are the most obvious, and that the committee as a whole regrets ever giving the Peace Prize to President Barack Obama, who has gone on to violate the Geneva Convention, illegally assassinate US citizens, perpetuate the Bush administration’s wars, and raise global conflict intensity to record highs.  With all of this baggage attending a decorated agent of “peace” like Obama, it isn’t hard to see how and why the man responsible for the decision to decorate the president in first place would finally be removed from his post – forcibly or no.  The only real question we should be asking is, why did it take so long?

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